Legendary audio engineering

Since 1968 Cambridge Audio has been driven by a simple belief; that music should always sound amazing. Our mission is to delight people who really love music, so that you experience all of the emotion and passion that your favourite composers, songwriters and performers intended.

British-designed for an unparalleled sound, our products are beautiful, innovative and sublimely engineered. Everything we build is incredible value, bettering products costing many times more. So close your eyes and listen – you won’t just hear the difference, you’ll feel it.


We want nothing to come between you and the music, and we’ve always thought that way. Since the late 1960s we’ve been at the forefront of ‘Great British Sound’, typified by its purity and musicality. This means all components have to meet our exacting requirements, with key parts designed in-house.

By keeping to our “Sound first” philosophy, even our affordable Topaz amplifier has a toroidal transformer to ensure a rich sound. At the other end of our range, our engineering excellence means that our flagship 851 series pre and power amp combination creates a barely measurable amount of harmonic distortion.


The approach we’ve taken isn’t something new; we’ve always been a company with our own mind. Our first product, launched in 1968, was an amplifier that used a toroidal power transformer, then a radical choice. This made the amplifier unusually slim for the era, and it enabled us to establish a reputation for sonic excellence.

In the 1970s, we created the Cambridge Audio Classic One amplifier. Incorporating a host of new ideas and technology, it set the standard for hi-fi clarity and was widely recognised at the time as the pinnacle of amplifier design. In the 1980s we saw the advantage of splitting the CD transport from the more sensitive digital to analogue converters, launching the Cambridge Audio CD1, the world’s first two-box CD player to critical acclaim.

The launch of the Azur range in 2003 took our “Sound first” philosophy to a far broader audience. And now in the digital age, whatever your storage format, we have award-winning products that are incredible value, and all designed to let you fall in love with music again.


Above all else, we’re music lovers. We play in bands, we share our loved music with each other, and when we’re not perfecting our products we’re normally at gigs. We want to share our passion, so however you approach music, we’ve engineered an outstanding musical solution.

We’re proud to be different, to have our own mind about what’s important and how things should be done. We’re obsessive about details, and would rather take our time to get it right than rush a product, because only when there’s nothing between you and the music are we happy.


You’ll find our technical innovations right across the breadth of our products. Our re-engineering of the traditional tweeter with something we call Balanced Mode Radiator technology created a speaker with an incredibly immersive and natural sound, while our expertise in digital to analogue conversion upgrades the quality of your digital sources, making your laptop or even your mobile phone a true part of your hi-fi system.

And the future? Well, we’re quietly confident that we’ll continue to surprise and delight our customers with innovative products, but most of all, let nothing come between you and the music.


We feel it's only right to give something back. Over recent years, profits from the sale of our products have directly helped thousands of disadvantaged children and adults across the world. We support a broad range of worthy causes at home and abroad, including charities such as The Microloan Foundation and WorldVision. More recently, we've started to work with Teenage Cancer Trust as we're huge fans of the work they do for young people suffering with cancer.

We’ve also made many changes in our engineering and manufacturing processes to minimise our carbon footprint, and we’ve changed our cultural habits internally to ensure we’re operating an environmentally sustainable business. For example, we use less polystyrene packaging than ever before, we recycle all metals used in the development process and we’ve stopped printing service manuals to save on the paper!


The people that make up Cambridge Audio are its biggest asset, so we’re always looking for fresh talent and creative individuals. If you’re passionate about music, are excited by technology, and like the idea of joining one of the world’s most respected audio brands, you should get in touch.

Upload your CV using this link and we’ll keep it safe until the right vacancy arises. In the meantime, why not join our mailing list to keep abreast with what we’re doing. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Pride in our Past

Some of our hits from the last 40 years

Our People and Passions

Have a look below to meet a few of our staff members and find out what their favourite albums are. Some are pretty eclectic and some are proper classics but they all keep the energy flowing through our office. Click on ‘more’ under each album to read the reasoning behind our top picks.

Melissa Finch

Artist: Stereophonics
Album: Pull the Pin

“This album reminds me of many happy memories. Never failing to make me smile!”

Harry Parsons

Artist: Late of the Pier
Album: Fantasy Black Channel

“It feels like the most fun any band has had making an album. The recordings capture the energy generated from experimenting with textures, grooves, pop hooks and musical gear creating an eerie mirror to the lo-fi, EDM, grunge revival, 80’s revival and dub step trends that followed it.”

Rolan Bacalla

Artist: Usher
Album: 8701

“Every time I hear a song from this album, it always brings back memories of wild parties…”

Angelo Grossi

Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Violator

“Any album that brings you right back to the first time you heard it can only be a good thing. And as for Depeche Mode, they were there for my entire adolescence.”

Simon Freeth

Artist: Roni Size
Album: New Forms

“I used to be a bar manager in a club (The Opera House Bournemouth) and Fridays the back room was Drum & Bass room which I hated (being a rock kid). I just didn’t get it. Then I listened to this and my perspective on this type of music changed completely. I think it the cross over elements that made it appealing. Rather than a drum machine a real Drummer playing at over 160BPM and rather than synth bass it was Double Bass.”

David Drewett

Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Astral Weeks

“The vibraphone. The harpsichord. The superb musicianship and the gorgeous, romantic, nostalgic poetry of Van’s lyrics. It’s often described as a kind of opera, and always feels as if you are taking an emotional journey from start to finish. When I hear it I’m taken back to memories of my late teens, and to another world. I‘ve framed the sleeve of the LP, and it hangs alongside John Martyns’ Solid Air as the two albums that mean the most to me.”