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Azur 550A amplifier

550A integrated amplifier - Power and poise in perfect harmony

The new Azur 550A focuses on our most closely guarded principles – explosive sonic performance, incredible value and timeless design. Whatever music you’re into, we guarantee we’ve invested all our passion into making the very most of it.

Cambridge Audio’s highly-respected amplifier topology goes to new levels of performance and refinement with the introduction of the 550A. A completely redesigned output stage helps improve bass response and dynamics even further while enabling control of virtually any speaker with aplomb.

Making the 550A a true benchmark in its category was of course a key requirement to Cambridge Audio’s design team.

One area which has received considerable attention is the company’s proprietary CAP5 protection system. Maintaining the original design’s raison d'être – constantly monitoring for overloads, faults and clipping whilst guaranteeing no sound degradation – this new iteration now allows for even greater dynamics and more powerful real-world performance. And like its highly respected predecessors, the 550A features an oversize toroidal transformer for excellent efficiency and extremely low noise.

But power is nothing without control and it’s not just at high volumes where this amplifier offer
peak performance. A completely new high specification Alps volume pot control ensures perfect channel balance at low levels and is complemented with new tone controls offering equally intricate level setting.

Other important improvements include new audiophile grade polypropylene signal capacitors, gold-plated speaker outputs, custom-made electrolytic capacitors in critical positions and several new carefully calculated circuit tweaks.

With so much shoehorned inside, it’s astonishing how the new Azur 550A looks so elegant. In addition to a raft of sonic and environmental benefits, the new Azur range has a completely fresh contoured look with razor sharp displays and velvety smooth controls. A substantial brushed aluminium front panel, a seamless wrap-over lid assembly and dual-layer damped feet all adhere to Cambridge Audio’s rock-solid design standards and also help improve performance through superb resonance control.

The 550A – the amp for your connected home

In terms of connectivity, the 550A offers a plethora of inputs and outputs to accommodate the most commonly used home entertainment sources. A front-mounted socket for iPod/MP3 players affords ultimate convenience. In addition, the supplied navigator remote can control the amplifier and either a 550C or 650C CD player as well as virtually any iPod when connected to a suitable dock such as Cambridge Audio’s new iD50.

You can of course also use your 550A to considerably enhance your TV audio output, DVD layer or connect network music players such as Apple TV, Sonos and Squeezebox.