Our award-winning audiophile hi-fi separates are generously packed with performance-enhancing details. And because each component of your system performs a dedicated task, there is no compromise on quality. However you choose to play your music, we’ve taken care of every detail so you can enjoy a far smoother, purer sound, free from interference and distortion.


Our amplifiers have been designed to provide energetic and punchy surround sound performance that will both thrill and engage. With a range of options available, we ensure that there is a Cambridge Audio amplifier for everyone.


Our CD and Blu-Ray players form part of an amazing home stereo hi-fi system for great sound from discs. If you're after a way of extracting every last piece of data from your CDs and turning it into the most musical experience imaginable, then look no further than the Cambridge Audio range.


The sound you get from digital audio kit needn't be so flat and lifeless. Bring your digital audio to life with our legendary digital to analogue converters.


Our receivers are designed for excellent multi-channel surround-sound performance without compromising on music reproduction. Every product in our range of receivers has been designed to deliver sound that's in every way as epic as the picture quality from your movies, music and TV shows.


Enjoy the unique warmth of vinyl and all the fine analogue detail with our quality phono preamps.


You no longer have to choose between convenience and sound quality, because our all in one music system uses high end components and engineering to provide hi-fi quality sound for all inputs

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