Our classic speaker cabinets will look good anywhere - but more importantly because of our innovations inside the box they’ll create a fantastically clear, natural and coherent sound.


We intend to blow away your preconceptions of what speakers can sound like, come and listen for yourself.


Our bookshelf speakers are designed to deliver stunning sound quality in a surprisingly small package. With a range of options to suit your needs, our custom-designed drivers, hand-picked components and expert design guarantee superb audio quality.


Featuring an advanced silk tweeter for rich treble acoustics, combined with improved bass technology and optimised dispersion, our stand-mount speakers ensure the best 5.1 audio experience.


A pair of good floor standing loudspeakers is key for achieving the ultimate level of full-range sound in your home theatre. Our floor standing speakers incorporate flawless design with the latest acoustic technology to bring you a truly immersive home cinema surround sound experience.


Essential to any surround sound system, our subwoofers offer distortion-free bass and feature digital signal processors, allowing you to place them in a room of any size and shape.


In ceiling speakers are becoming increasingly popular with more demand for quality sound than ever before. Our Minx C46 in ceiling speakers are easy to install and offer a high degree of integration in any home as the grilles can be painted.


Surround speakers are the ‘final touch’ in any home theatre, creating the feeling of being enveloped by sound. Available in subtle, classic designs, our surround speakers fit in a wide variety of room layouts and are configurable for multiple setups.

TV Speaker Base

With our speaker bases you can do away with the dull lifeless sound from your thin TV’s thin sound. You can now hear all your media the way it was intended – with audio which surrounds you in immersive and powerful detail. Upgrade the sound of films, games and TV or even stream music from your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.

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