Using the latest technology, our wireless speakers allow you to instantly stream music from your phone, tablet or computer with effortless simplicity from the comfort of your sofa, desk, sun lounger or chair, all without having to get up to change the track. But don’t let their size fool you; all of our wireless speakers pack enough power to fill your room with deep, crisp and immersive quality. So whether it's a portable speaker you need for taking to the park, or a sleek system for your living room or kitchen, look no further than our range of wireless speaker systems.

Bluetooth speakers + Aptx

We use Bluetooth as it is widely compatible with all modern phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and it has a good signal range of up to 10 metres.

Some of our speakers also support aptX which is a higher quality version of standard Bluetooth and squeezes the absolute maximum digital detail out of any device that supports it. This enables CD-quality playback of high-bitrate digital audio files. aptX is featured on the Air products, the Go V2 and Go Radio, and the Bluetone 100.

Airplay speakers

As well as Bluetooth, our Air 100 and Air 200 speakers also feature Apple’s Airplay Wi-Fi streaming technology. This means you can seamlessly play high-quality audio from your iPhone, iPad or iTunes account from anywhere in your home that your Wi-Fi signal reaches. With Airplay you can also stream to multiple Airplay devices so you could have an Air 100 in the kitchen and an Air 200 in the lounge and stream music to them simultaneously for a multi-room experience!

NFC pairing

Our super portable G2, Go V2 and Go Radio speakers all come with NFC (Near Field Communication). If your device supports NFC - the same technology used in contactless bank cards - you can automatically sync them over Bluetooth to our speakers by simply tapping them on the speakers. Super quick and super easy.

Battery powered speakers

Our battery powered speakers all feature rechargeable high-capacity lithium ion batteries which hours of playback times from each charge - the Go can last for up to 18 hours! Our battery powered speakers also use intelligent battery management software to optimise life and minimise charging time so the speakers will last all day and all night!


With a built-in microphone the G2 can be used to answer and make phone calls from your connected device. If you have an incoming call the phone button will flash and a simple press will answer the call with the G2. If you make a call from a connected device, G2 will automatically switch to speakerphone mode. Ideal for a quick conference calls, or hands-free calls when cooking!

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