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Wireless audio streaming

Bluetooth is a wireless connection technology that is now featured on hundreds of millions of devices, from smartphones, tablets and computers to televisions, watches, even cutlery and toothbrushes! The prevalence of Bluetooth on music storage devices such as phones, tablets and computers has stripped away the hassle of wires between those devices and speakers and headphones, meaning reliable, convenient access to music anywhere.

What is the advantage of Bluetooth?

Unlike network based protocols such as UPnP and AirPlay, the point to point nature of Bluetooth means that it is incredibly easy to get your music from your phone or tablet to portable speakers or headphones. This ease of connection between two devices, and the low power requirements of Bluetooth has meant we are able to produce compact battery powered speakers such as our Go and G2 models that offer great sound quality and long running times. The ubiquity of Bluetooth on devices has opened up a world of new possibilities; making the enjoyment of music from many devices a quick and easy process in places it simply isn’t possible to take a traditional hi-fi system.