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Artist Interview: Jim & Sam

The Anywhere Everyday tour is going to see you play a show everyday for a full year, where did the idea for this come about?

The idea has been bouncing around for a few years now. It's taken different shapes and forms and then a few months ago we realized it was time. We wanted to take our career into our own hands, and not ask anyone for permission to do so. This tour is also a way for us to reconnect with all of the amazing people we've met along the way and make them all a part of one big project. We also wanted to test our limits and see what happens when we play one show every day for a year.


Which city has been your favourite to visit so far?

I think we would say Falun...a magical small town in the middle of Sweden. We've been to Sweden before but never to Falun, and it was such a great reminder that music is an international language that can unite all of us. I also think the fact that the venue treated us so warmly and served us some of the best lentil soup we have ever had helped to put Falun on the map.


Where are you looking forward to playing the most?

China. We think that we will play there in the new year. But as we've learned in the past 40 days it's the shows and cities you least expect that end up being the most memorable. So who knows!

What’s been keeping you both inspired during your travels?

Knowing that tomorrow is a brand new experience. Whether the show is good or just okay what grounds us and inspires us is tomorrow's unknown adventure and possibility.


Do you listen to music on the road and have you have any music recommendations for us?

The musicians and bands we are meeting and playing with have become the soundtrack to our trip. So far we recommend: MeadowsGood HarvestLast Days of April and Lee Harvey Osmond


Playing a show every day for a year obviously means a lot of songs! How do you plan on freshening up your setlist throughout the tour?

We are constantly writing and recording along the way. These shows have been a great place to work out new material, which always keeps the set list fresh. Feels like every week we are changing the songs up.


What are your thoughts around the way people listen to music these days; Streaming services, the vinyl resurgence, hi–res music etc…

At home, we have a big vinyl collection and listen to a lot of music that way, so the news that vinyl sales surpassed digital sales in the UK last week is great to hear. With streaming, it's nice to know that our music is traveling when we can't. But our favourite way to listen and experience music is live, that's why we're doing this tour.

If you fancy giving their delightful acoustic tracks a listen you can head to their Spotify page here and you can also follow their tour whereabouts on their website. For a sneak preview of their live show, you can check out our video of their Melomania show below. We wish Jim & Sam the best of luck on their mammoth Anywhere Everyday tour!