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StreamMagic Update

Now that landscape browsing is available to all tablets, we've spent some time making better use of the extra space.

You will notice that, on the Now Playing screen, music metadata, queue and volume controls are now combined in one page.

Also, on all devices, the album artwork will determine the background colour of the screen.

Android Bugs fixed

  • Displays the text 'get app' in the apps carousel when the app is installed
  • Long click not working when browsing UPnP by folder in list view
  • .m3u playlists not displayed when browsing USB stick
  • Volume disabled text is not displayed on the now playing screen when XLR source selected
  • Track name and hi-res logos aren't aligned for Qobuz
  • Now Playing screen text alignment issues
  • Title is cut off on the home screen when a Spotify playlist is saved as a preset

iOS Bugs fixed

  • The wrong album is displayed on the Album screen after taped on the album in the search result
  • The player image and the player name are not updated in the player card after switching between two units
  • Albums are duplicated on the album list screen after loading list
  • Albums longer than 99 songs are cut short in album view for UPnP