Edge Series

In the build-up to our 50th anniversary, we asked our engineers a simple question – what would they make if anything was possible?

Forget cost. Forget limitations. Create a system that delivers previously undiscovered layers of detail, is highly transparent, offering superlative sound-staging. A product true to Cambridge Audio’s foundations of creative innovation and entrepreneurial ambition.

Over 3 years in the making, utilising a team of 9 engineers, the result is Edge.

Edge Hero
Edge Left

British sound personified.

Five decades ago our founders had a vision – to create hi-fi systems that delivered the Great British sound into people’s homes. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

One of these talented engineers, Professor Gordon Edge, was the brains behind the innovation and design of our first product – the ground-breaking P40 integrated amplifier. In recognition of our heritage, we developed Edge. The embodiment of Cambridge Audio’s signature Great British Sound and the pinnacle of 50 years of Hi-Fi expertise.

Beautifully minimal in its design, each component has a curved extruded aluminium front and floating top plate. It’s an extraordinary exterior that’s hiding some extraordinary audio engineering inside.

Edge Right

Let the music through.

To remove the barriers between you and your music, we have worked hard to minimise the number of components in the signal path in the Edge series.

As a result, Edge delivers a more faithful reproduction of the original recording; an impressively detailed three-dimensional sound, with striking staging and focus.

The inside edge.

We only ever choose components for their sonic merits – not price, not specs, nor measured performance. This ‘listen first, measure later’ ethos means blind-auditioning all price and performance levels and only going with those that sound the most dynamic, give the greatest presence, offer a revealing clarity; in short, the most musical.

Complex simplicity.

Gone are the rows of buttons and dials you often see on high-end audio kit. Instead, the Edge Series features one high-quality dual concentric volume and source select control knob, enabling you to navigate menus and control the volume with a simple twist.

Designed and assembled in the UK, this mechanical marvel comprises 31 precision-milled engineered parts. The complexity inside enables the most intuitive and purest of interfaces.

edge detail
Every album in beautiful detail.

The minimal lines of the Edge NQ are enhanced with a stunning 5” high-resolution TFT display. Designed to present album artwork in beautiful clarity, adding to the overall listening experience.