Melomania Touch App and Firmware Evolution

9th August 2021

Melomania Touch, launched in January 2021, allowed us to take a major step forward with our headphone development by providing both app control (together with features such as EQ customisation and Find My Earbuds) plus a product itself that is firmware updateable via Bluetooth. This allows us to improve user experience over time, just like we have all become used to with app and smartphone OS updates that are made available by all the big tech brands on a regular basis.

Since the launch of Melomania Touch we have been able to introduce new features and ways to enjoy the product, as well as iron out software bugs that some experienced in the early days of these advanced new earbuds. We know from feedback and reviews that Touch have really thrilled when it comes to sound, however in some use cases connectivity and user experience hasn’t matched the sound. We now believe with this latest firmware, we have addressed that. Cutting edge tech isn’t always easy to get right, so please accept our apologies should you have experienced frustration.

As anyone who has contacted us for help will know, we take our responsibility to provide professional and responsive technical and product support very seriously and are firmly committed to the satisfaction of everyone who puts their trust in our brand. For this reason too, our CEO James puts his own email address inside every Melomania box, inviting feedback and actively engaging with our customers so we keep our feet firmly grounded and in touch with those who make us what we are today.  

Melomania Touch App and Firmware Evolution

New apps and firmware released 

We recently released both an update to our Melomania apps (iOS v.1.8.0 and Android v.2.3.4 or later) and a firmware update (v.2.1.9) for our Melomania Touch wireless headphones.  By downloading the latest version of the app, Touch owners will be able to access this latest firmware update, which provides further improved connectivity and improved overall performance. The Melomania app also offers extra functionality including new EQ settings. 

Melomania Touch Firmware Update v.2.1.9 and iOS/Android app improvements include:

•    Lower background noise during voice calls and also when Transparency is enabled
•    Improved volume control with TWS+ enabled phones
•    Volume is now fully muted when the volume is set to minimum
•    A new Neutral EQ preset
•    EQ preset previously named Balanced has been renamed Immersive, the EQ remains unchanged and is the default after a firmware update 
•    Improved operation of auto power on/off and the associated LED indication

About the latest Melomania Touch EQ settings

The ‘Immersive’ EQ Pre-set is the default in new earphones or those that have been reset. In older versions of the app, this EQ profile was called ‘Balanced’. Based on customer feedback, we made this name change to better represent the sound. ‘Immersive’ and ‘Balanced’ are identical.
The EQ you hear is the combination of one of the selected Pre-set EQs plus a Custom EQ. Therefore, if you start with Pre-set EQ and tune it to your preference (let’s say to a visually flat EQ line) it will sound different to another Pre-set EQ tuned to the same visually flat EQ line. This is due to complexities within our software.

For those with custom Pre-sets saved on Melomania Touch firmware prior to v.2.1.7 or Melomania 1+ firmware prior to v.8.0.2 please note:

We have remapped the Pre-set EQs to introduce a new ‘Neutral’ Pre-set EQ. When you update the firmware from an earlier version (pre-v2.1.7 or pre-v8.0.2) any saved Custom EQs that were based on the ‘Balanced’ Pre-set will be applied to the ‘Neutral’ EQ as the baseline and will therefore sound quite different.
We do apologize for this confusion, should it apply to you. To return the EQ to the same as it was prior to the firmware update, note the positions of the ‘Custom’ EQ controls, reset the ‘Custom’ Pre-set, then adjust the EQ levels to the previous positions and ‘Save’. This will apply your custom settings to the ‘Immersive’ Pre-set and achieve the sound you previously fine-tuned to your liking.

Thank you!

If you are a customer who has provided feedback to us, our engineering team sends a big thank you for helping improve and evolve both app and firmware for the benefit of all. Our brand is nothing without the strength and advocacy of our music-loving customers, something we never take for granted. 
If you’re a Melomania Touch owner, and have suggestions as to how we can improve your experience further, do get in touch with us at [email protected] 

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