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Minx Min 12


Minx Min 12


Minx Min 12


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    „Wenn der Platz knapp ist, dann passt der winzige Minx optimal und klingt großartig.“

    - June 2012
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    „Es scheint unvorstellbar, dass solch kleine Würfel, die im Raum verteilt so gut wie unsichtbar sind, das Zimmer so leicht füllen können, wie sie das tun.“

    - March 2012
    MinxMin12 bookshelf speaker on bookshelf

    Huge Sound

    Minx Min 12 are small. Really small. But even with their small stature, they don’t sacrifice sound quality. That means you can enjoy powerful, hi-fi quality speakers in even the smallest spaces.

    MinxMin12 bookshelf speaker detail

    Balanced Mode Radiators

    Minx Min 12 use a Balanced Mode Radiator driver. Compared to conventional drivers, BMRs give pinpoint accuracy and offer extraordinary detail at low and high volumes. These 4th generation drivers deliver enhanced lower-midrange for improved integration with a subwoofer and move with more uniformity, for an accurate sound across all frequencies.

    MinxMin12 bookshelf speaker and Minx X201 on shelf

    At Home in any Place

    Unlike traditional pistonic drivers that you’d find in most speakers, BMRs disperse sound more widely. This gives you much more control over where you place Minx Min 12, without sacrificing sound quality.

    MinxMin12 bookshelf speaker white table stand

    Always in the Sweet Spot

    Even with careful placement, some speakers have very narrow ‘sweet spot’ where you can hear the full stereo image at its finest. This isn’t the case with Minx Min 12. Thanks to the BMRs wide sound dispersion, wherever you sit you’ll hear the full picture.

    MinxMin12 bookshelf speaker rear detail


    Minx Min 12 works with a broad selection of mounting units designed by Cambridge Audio. Place Minx Min 12 in pride of place on floor standing mounts; table stands are perfect to upgrade music at your desk; wall brackets are an ideal solution for creating a 5:1 system with Minx.

    MinxMin12 bookshelf speakers black and white


    Understated design ensures that no matter your interior decoration choices, Minx Min 12 is always right at home. Finished in high-gloss black or white, these tiny speakers are beautifully subtle and unobtrusive.


    What Hi-Fi?

    Vereinigtes Königreich,

    "Where space is tight, the miniscule Minx fits the bill and sounds fabulous."


    Vereinigtes Königreich,


    "It seems inconceivable that such small cubes, which are virtually invisible when dotted around, can fill a room as easily as they do."

    British Airways Business Life

    Vereinigtes Königreich,

    "Minx doesn't just fit into a room, it melts into it - you may need a magnifying glass to even find its cute cubular boxes."

    Stereo & Video


    "Clean, dynamic and exceptionally crisp sound that lacks any signs of aggressiveness or discoloration - many bigger speakers would like to have such qualities."



    "A system with great dynamics and depth that defy its small size. Perfect speakers for a discreet and efficient system."

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    Die Details

    Sensitivity (SPL)

    86 dB (2,83 Vrms Eingang)


    150 Hz - 20 kHz


    kompatibel zu 8 Ohm

    Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung

    25 - 200 W

    Maße (H x B x T)

    78 x 78 x 85 mm




    Hochglanz-Schwarz | Hochglanz-Weiß