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International Women's Day 2023

Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice playing guitar on stage

Photo Credit: Amie Kingswell Photography


Whitney Houston

Absolutely loved her from her first single when I was 15. She was the first singer in the first concert I ever went to. I just think her voice is amazing.

Mandy Thurston, Management Accountant

Tina Turner

A total icon. She was the first woman to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Very nostalgic for me, my grandparents had a huge surprise party for their golden wedding anniversary and simply the best was playing as they walked in. I was only 4 years old, but I remember everyone standing on the chairs singing their hearts out!

Lily Harrison, People Manager

Aretha Franklin

The ultimate artist. Her music has lived on through generations and still hits today.

Ruby Asamoah, Financial Accountant


FKA Twigs

There are many female identifying artists that I could have picked but, for me, the talent of FKA Twigs is somewhat unmatched. A professional ballet dancer, alongside her incredible voice, makes for the most magical stage shows. It's difficult not to draw comparison to Kate Bush but equally the mysticism of Erykah Badu but she really does stand in a league of her own.  

Nick Udall, Head of Digital Marketing

Sierra Ferrell

She's a phenomenal songwriter with such a rich voice and energy about her. She's definitely one of the best in the alt-country scene at the moment

Sam Edwards, Customer Support



Their self titled album from last year was my favourite album of 2022, but all three of their albums to date have shown a complete mastery of various genres and styles, from pop bangers and big electro dance tunes to 90s style country and alt-rock. A lot of artists attempt the whole genre-hopping thing and suffer from a lack of identify as a result, but Muna's strength of song writing and depth of emotion show them to be master's of their craft.

Tom Castle, Customer Support Manager

Kate Bush 

Constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and not conforming to the male gaze and doing whatever she wanted, always. The resurgence in her popularity is welcome and brings a new generation into the audience of who I feel is one of the most important artists of of the last 50 years.

Matt Williams, Content Creator

Skin (of Skunk Anansie)

Nobody sings like Skin. Even today her voice is unmatched in rock and it's great to see that Skunk Anansie are still enjoying a packed touring schedule globally.

Pete Dixon, Technical Marketing Manager

Keyshia Cole

Just a fantastic voice, she has a great range and her up tempo songs are as enjoyable to listen to as her ballads.

Jim James, Regional Trade Marketing Manager

You can listen to some of our favourite female fronted tracks here.