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Cambridge Audio & Netil360

Netil360 is a relaxed rooftop located in the heart of Hackney, London with an unbeatable view of the city and plenty of good food and drinks to go with it. They’ve done a big refurb over winter and although music has always been a big part of their atmosphere, for their relaunch they wanted to take the opportunity to get the sound just right. There’s lots of venues across the city where you’ve got to scream in your mate’s ear just to be heard, or where you can hardly make out the music at all. So we worked together in partnership with Netil360 to deliver a stunning sound that’s almost eerily even across the whole rooftop so the music can be enjoyed wherever you’re at – perfect for the multiuse space.

Netil360 is now split into two main areas, the outside roof top and the inside/open-sided bar:



We used a combination of Min22 satellite speakers and X301 subwoofers. The Min22 speakers were chosen as they use BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) driver technology. Unlike normal speakers, BMR drivers disperse sound at 180 degrees by combining both vertical and horizontal dispersion using ‘Horizontal Vibration Modes’. You can have a full read up on BMR drivers here but basically they spread sound right throughout the bar so the levels are perfectly balanced.


We used our specialised ES30 outdoor speakers. These are full range loudspeakers with 6.5” woofers built-in and modified casing that can handle the joyous British weather all year round. The idea here being little and often; by using lots of speakers (20 across a 50m squared area) we’ve created an even dispersion throughout. None of the speakers are blaring out too loudly but all together they create great ambient levels in the day and can pick up the pace when needed in the evening.

The installation was completed by our good friend Ade (from Unique AV Design) who has years of professional experience under his belt and a lovely face for video, as shown below. Here’s the full kit list:

  • 1km of speaker cable across the 50m squared site (enough to reach the tip of The Shard three times!)
  • 4,200 watts of amplification
  • 24 Min22 BMR speakers
  • 20 ES30 outdoor speakers
  • 6 X301 subwoofers in bespoke housing units to protect them from overzealous  dance moves
  • And a rather nice set of our flagship Aeromax 2 speakers for the DJ booth


Netil360’s overall refurb is stunning; the roof and all its furniture is designed and handmade by Ben (owner) out of recycled crates and off-cuts of wood. The outcome is a relaxed rooftop venue with a chilled creative environment and a view of London that’s one of the best we’ve seen.

Grab a drink there soon and experience the all-encompassing Cambridge sound for yourself, just head to for details.

Make sure you check out our full video on the install below, produced by the awesome team at Second Light Media.