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Why is the Product I Want out of Stock?

In the last couple of months, you may have noticed that more products than usual are out of stock on our website.

Like many other hi-fi manufacturers, we have been hit by a global shortage of semiconductor chips. It’s affected lots of industries and products, from cars to phones, as well as being the reason many popular mainstream electronic products have been hard to get hold of.

What’s caused it? A few different factors, but in short: an unprecedented demand that supply just has not been able to keep up with. The pandemic has played a part too. When we all started staying home everyone thought demand for their products was going to stall – so some companies cancelled chip orders, while others, like us, pushed our orders to later months. But the complete opposite happened. We bought more tech to keep ourselves entertained, to work from home and more importantly to stay in touch with people close to us, increasing demand globally. Analysts predicted we wouldn’t be buying as many cars because we weren’t travelling as much, so manufacturers made fewer – but even this proved false and suddenly there was another extra need for chips there too. And because of the complex specialism of the production factories themselves, they can take up to two years to get up and running. 

If you want to know more, places like The Week, Reuters, The Guardian and others have written about it in more detail. 

All of us at Cambridge Audio are doing what we can to overcome the challenges this has presented us, and our current focus is on doing whatever we can to keep production flowing. Because we use a lot of components across multiple series, we can juggle those parts across the production of different products, focusing on where we see more demand. So, components ordered four months ago for one type of product can be used elsewhere instead. We’re also lucky to have ‘buffer stock’ of parts that we know may run short. 

All that said, we expect some problems to continue well into 2022 and possibly beyond. 

Building the right hi-fi system for you and your home can take a lot of planning and consideration, and it can be frustrating when that final piece isn’t available. If a product you’re looking for is currently out of stock, please contact your local store. Many retailers are running waitlists, so we recommend checking with them first.  

They won’t have all the answers, but at least you’ll be in the queue when stock does become available. We will also have small amounts of high demand products that we will put on our website, so you can check here too, but we are currently focusing on giving stock to our global network of dedicated dealers who can offer the best advice for your needs.  

We’d like to thank all our current and future listeners for their continued patience.