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What is BMR?

So what is Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR)? 

BMR, or Balanced Mode Radiator, is a new and patented technology that brings a number of exceptional advantages to audio reproduction.


What are the advantaged of BMR?

There are lots of benefits to having BMR technology in your audio equipment; all of which are explained below.

What is BMR?

Better Sound Quality

Traditional speakers separate treble and mid-range speakers in order to provide good sound. BMR technology on the other hand, helps create a full-range sound by providing treble, mid-range and even a little bass all in one neat little package!

Even from smaller more compact speakers, you can hear the difference for yourself by listening to the deceptively powerful (and of course BMR-driven) Min11 or Min 21 speakers. Thanks to BMR, you get a wide range of frequency for such a deceptively small speaker.


You can position them anywhere in the room

Another benefit of BMR technology includes near-180 degree sound dispersion. This makes it much easier to fill a room with sound wherever you place them whilst also avoiding creating ‘sweet-spots’ – areas where sound quality is at its highest. Additionally, the BMR radiates sound uniformly with the same dispersion characteristics in both the horizontal and the vertical plane.

In short, because BMR speakers aren’t fussy about placement, they can be positioned almost anywhere in the room and still sound great.


BMR receives fantastic reviews

Our Aero speakers use BMR drivers to replace traditional tweeters, working beautifully with conventional cone woofers to create fantastically clear, natural and coherent audio. It is for this innovation and the “exciting, informative and seamless” sound that the Aero 5.1 system was given 5 stars by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, as well as winning the 2013 “Best traditional package between £1500-£2500″ at its awards ceremony in October.