The Evolution of Hi-Fi

Evolution means transformation. Evolution means improvement. Evolution means progress.

At Cambridge Audio, it means hi-fi ready for today, able to fit into your lifestyle and made to look as good as it sounds. It means taking over 50 years' worth of audio expertise and fitting it all into a single revolutionary product.

It means Evo.

We’ve developed Evo so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can enjoy our incredible, full-on hi-fi sound, with all its precision, scale and emotional expression. But you can also enjoy this extraordinary sound quality from a compact, convenient, good-looking all-in-one system.

Evo is a huge step forward.

Evo CD Setup

Get Set for Evo

There's a choice of  Evo all-in-one players: Evo 150 and Evo 75. Outwardly, other than the rear terminals, they're identical but the more powerful Evo 150 has an integrated phono stage and a few more tricks up its sleeve. Evo CD is a compact disc transport dedicated specifically for Evo. While our Evo S speakers deliver a consistency of look and sound.

Cambridge Audio - Ged Martin - Evo Product Designer

Minimal, Timeless Design

When Ged Martin first envisaged Evo, he was determined to sketch a product concept that will endure for many years. Ged knows simplicity is the most elegant aspect of industrial design, and Evo demonstrates his mastery of form and line.

He designed a classically timeless product, one acclaimed internationally with a prestigious Red Dot product design award.

Evo CD stack

Hi-Fi, Forever Changes

Fashion in hi-fi changes just as surely as fashion in music, but a great listening experience should be a given. Evo’s large 6.8” colour screen responds to the demands of today’s listener, who still wants to appreciate album artwork. Evo’s minimalist fascia also features a tactile dual-concentric rotary control dial – that literally puts you in touch with the music.

Wood and black side panels for Evo

Choice of Side Panels Included

Our story started with the iconic P40 amplifier. Using its wood trim as inspiration, Ged incorporated beautiful, tactile walnut side-panels into his design for Evo. But he didn't stop there, as he wanted to give listeners a choice, so also designed sculpted black Richlite panels for those seeking a more contemporary look.

Model with Vinyl

High-Quality Hi-Fi Sound

Both Evo 150 and Evo 75 use revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D analogue amplification. Initially, Class D amplification was all about compactness and electrical efficiency – but Hypex NCore has changed the game as it adds obvious superiority where clarity, resolution and outright musicality are concerned. It’s a big part of what makes Evo such an enjoyable and convincing listen.

Black and white image of engineer opening the lid of an Evo 150

Voiced in London

Even the best components don’t deliver incredible sound all by themselves. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our London laboratory, poring over every detail of the way Evo makes music until they were completely satisfied.

Because if our engineers aren’t satisfied, they don’t think you will be either.

Evo 150 playing through the StreamMagic App

StreamMagic Built In

The convenience of music streaming is clear – but unless it sounds great, what’s the point? We designed StreamMagic to be the best-sounding streaming platform around – and over 10 years into its development, we still think it is. StreamMagic is also how you customise Evo to suit your own particular listening needs – with intuitive operation at its core.

Model with Tablet

Highest Available Quality for Every Service

Evo runs on our StreamMagic Gen 4 module, so it doesn’t matter how you access your hi-res digital music – it will always sound great. Every current format, including Roon to MQA-powered TIDAL Masters, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Qobuz, is supported. And StreamMagic evolves with live updates, so should adapt to whatever the future brings.

Evo in a lifestyle setting with a turntable and books

Tomorrow's Hi-Fi, Today

Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi, evolved to suit your needs. Elegant design, wide-ranging functionality, complete simplicity and exceptional performance. All from a single box.

All of the convenience, none of the compromise.


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