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"It is an excellent device, offering great sound."


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DacMagic 100

Digital to Analogue Converter

Thanks to a Wolfson 24-bit DAC, a 24-bit/96kHz driverless USB Audio 1.0 input and S/PDIF and TosLink digital inputs, the DacMagic 100 takes the sound from your computer, iPod, TV and other digital devices and adds detail, depth and added clarity to give you a true audio experience.

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"It is an excellent device, offering great sound."


United States,

Key Features
Tech Specs

Generally the digital to analogue converter found in typical digital devices is pretty poor and won’t extract the truest quality of audio from your sources. The DacMagic 100 works by taking a direct digital audio signal from your device to bypass its soundcard or DAC. It then digitally processes the audio signal using our custom designed technology, dramatically improving sound quality and reducing distortion. This results in greater detail, sparkling clarity and a deeper scale to all of your audio.


DacMagic 100 is very flexible and supports virtually all digital file formats including the very highest quality 24-bit studio master or lossless quality audio files stored on your computer. With three different digital connectivity options and the ability to connect four devices concurrently, DacMagic 100 is a true digital music enhancement hub. Set-up is totally intuitive, allowing you to begin enjoying better quality audio in minutes.


Like all our products, the DacMagic 100 was custom developed from the ground-up by our design team at our headquarters in the heart of London. Our engineering teams put an incredible amount of attention to detail on ensuring the sound quality is the focus of the product, for the DacMagic 100 this included incorporating the very latest digital to analogue converter from market-leader Wolfson.

Press reviews

New York Times

United States,

"It did better on orchestral music than rock songs, more so than the other DACs. But that is in line with the company’s goals. “We have, at Cambridge, always used live unamplified acoustic music as what we design for,” said John Bevier, national sales and product manager at Cambridge Audio."


United Kingdom,

"...part of the future of digital audio in the home."

Hi-Fi News

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"...delivers an astonishing performance for the price... great things can come in exceedingly small packages."


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"Newer! Cheaper! Connectior!... It’s an all-round media sound polishing machine. It’s also engineered to work with iPad and iPhone docks, meaning your iTunes collection will sound better than ever. Music to our ears."



"Simple, neat and robust... it gives more than excellent performance."


United States,

"It is an excellent device, offering great sound."

The details

Digital to analogue converter

Wolfson WM8742 24-bit DAC

Frequency response

20Hz to 20kHz (±0.1dB)

THD @ 1Khz 0dBFs

<0.0025% 24-bit

THD @ 1kHz -10dBFs

<0.0025% 24-bit

THD @ 20kHz 0dBFs


Signal to Noise Ratio


Total correlated jitter


Crosstalk @ 1kHz

< -130dB

Crosstalk @ 20kHz

< -112dB

Output impedance


Max. output level (unbalanced)

2.3V rms

Digital input word widths supported


Digital input sampling frequencies supported

32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz

Max. power consumption



Black or silver

Dimensions (WxHxD)

106 x 46 x 130mm (4.1 x 1.8 x 5.1")


0.5Kg (1.1 lbs)