Yoyo (S)

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


(S) stands for small and from the outside, that is exactly what this speaker is. Highly compact and perfectly portable. But behind the fabric, (S) boasts a range of components selected for the most powerful and high quality performance you can fit into a speaker this size. So the sound is anything but small.

"This is a classy, compact speaker that produces a surprisingly big sound."

- MacWorld, February 2017

  • Yoyo (s) Xray
    Yoyo (s) Clothed


    (S) houses two full range drivers, a subwoofer and a passive bass radiator – this is what you can see round the back of the speaker and is how (S) delivers truly responsive, accurate bass to your audio.

    Yoyo (S) gesture control functionality


    The touch sensitive control panel also features gesture control. So you can swipe your hand across the panel from left to right for Play and Next and right to left to Pause, without pressing any buttons.

    Yoyo (S) USB device charging


    As much as we love our smartphones, the battery life often lets us down. So we’ve included a USB charging port so even when you’re not plugged into the mains you can top up your phone’s battery.

    Yoyo (S) Speaker Phone functionality


    If a call comes in while you’re connected you can take the call from the speaker via the built in microphone and experience great clarity and volume. And if the room happens to be full of people… well they can join in too.


    (S) packs up to 14 hours of portable battery life. So that’s a 14-hour party or 2 x 7-hour dinner parties or 7 x 2-hour movies or 14 x 1-hour Zumba sessions before you need to re-charge.


    We wanted Yoyo to deliver British Sound in British Style so we partnered with world-renowned Yorkshire weavers Marton Mills who have been expertly crafting fabrics since 1931 to wrap each of our speakers in 100% worsted wool.

    Dark Grey
    Light Grey
  • Press reviews

    • HUH.

      United Kingdom, March 2017

      "The speaker is packed full with impressive sounding equipment. It houses two full range drivers, a subwoofer and a passive bass radiator. What this means is you get a remarkable sound from such a small little thing. The bass in particular is very powerful and crystal clear."
    • The Sun

      United Kingdom, March 2017

      "The Yoyo has a strong, warm sound with plenty of bass and clear, high frequencies."
    • Macworld

      United Kingdom, February 2017

      "This is a classy, compact speaker that produces a surprisingly big sound."
    • What Hi-Fi?

      United Kingdom, January 2017

      "We sense that a lot of thought has gone into the Yoyo (S), and the care and attention should pay dividends – we anticipate a stampede of interest in this latest woolly number to join the growing ranks of fabric-covered Bluetooth portables."

      Customer Reviews

    • Key features

      AUDIO COMPONENTS Two full range drivers, subwoofer and passive bass radiator deliver incredibly powerful sound from a compact form
      BLUETOOTH AND NFC Connect any Bluetooth device and if your device supports NFC, simply tap it against the NFC logo on the top panel to connect.
      AUX-IN Non-bluetooth enabled devices can still experience (S) sound quality by using the included 3.5mm cable.
      GESTURE CONTROL Control your playback hands free by swiping your hand across the control panel. Useful mid-pasta making session or flower-bed digging.
      SPEAKERPHONE Built-in high quality microphone lets you make and receive calls using the speaker. Useful for group chats and keeping hands free.
      PORTABLE 14 hour built in battery means that (S) can stay firmly by your side wherever you may roam. We’ve also included a button that lets you check how much battery you have left.
      SYNCHRONISED VOLUME CONTROL (S) and your smartphone will align their volume levels so you don’t have to adjust these on both device and speaker
      USB CHARGING Built in USB port lets you plug in and charge your smartphone or other MP3 device, even when the speaker is unplugged.
      WORLD TRAVELLER UK, EU and US plug adaptors are included so you and your speaker can globe trot together.
      MARTON MILLS FABRIC COVER Bespoke Birds Eye fabric is acoustically-transparent and treated to repel dirt, water and unnecessary wear and tear.
    • The details

      Speaker System Two full range drivers, subwoofer and passive bass radiator
      Connectivity Bluetooth, NFC, 1 x 3.5mm Aux, 1 x USB device charging
      Functionality Gesture Control, Speakerphone
      Colours Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue and Green
      Dimensions (WXHXD) 246 x 128 x 67mm (9.68” x 5.04”x 2.64”)
      Weight 1.2kg
      Whats in the box Yoyo S Bluetooth Speaker, Quick Start Guide, Safety Guide, Aux 3.5mm cable, PSU + UK/EU/CU adaptor