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Apple Airplay

Wireless audio streaming

AirPlay is a technology that allows you to stream music from iPads, iPhones, Mac and Windows computers running iTunes to speakers such as our Air100 and 200 models and our 851N and CXN hi-fi network streamers. Built into iTunes and iOS, it offers quick and easy playback of any media in iTunes or from your iOS devices with no configuration necessary. AirPlay makes it exceptionally easy to get your media from your handheld device to your speaker or hi-fi streamer with minimum fuss.

What is the advantage of AIRPLAY?

AirPlay is designed for ease of use. Speakers and devices are automatically discovered on your network, and with a quick swipe up in the Control Center on iOS devices and a tap on the AirPlay icon, those devices are displayed ready for instant playback of any media on your device. Many different apps support AirPlay, meaning it is simple to play back media in great quality through your Cambridge Audio devices yet retain control in the user interface of your apps.

Using AirPlay from iTunes even lets you select multiple playback devices for simultaneous audio playback (though there is no synchronisation). AirPlay devices also offer a simple setup option, where iOS devices and Mac computers running OS X can automatically detect new speakers and add them to your existing wireless networks.

AirPlay is built right in to the latest Cambridge products, allowing iOS and iTunes users to effortlessly stream their music and play it back in amazing hi-fi quality.