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10 Spotify Tips and Tricks you Might Not Know About

Whether you’re using the desktop app, web app or mobile app for and iOS or Android device, there are plenty of tricks and features hidden away that can really enhance your listening experience. Here are some useful Spotify tips to get the most from the service.


Playlist Folders

Are you one of those people who has a playlist for absolutely EVERY occasion? Or maybe years of using Spotify has meant your playlist count is through the roof. No worries, tame your wild playlists by arranging them into playlist folders. Using the desktop app go to File > New Playlist Folder.


Recover Deleted Playlists

Accidentally deleted a playlist or perhaps changed your mind? Simply go to your account details using any web browser and click the ‘Recover playlists’ button on the left. From here you can choose to restore any playlists you’ve deleted previously. Simple!

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Collaborative Playlists

If you’ve been tasked with constructing the perfect playlist for a party or event, don’t take on the responsibility alone. Collaborative playlists allow other Spotify users to chip in and add songs to a playlist. Simply create the playlist, right click and select ‘Collaborative Playlist.’


Specific Searching

Sometimes typing an artist into the search bar can give you a barrage of tracks that are hard to sort through, particularly if they have a legacy of albums that are both hit and miss. A way around this is by searching with a “year” modifier. For example, if you’re looking to play some early AC/DC include “AC/DC in your search and along with “year:1976-1986” to just bring up results from that time period.


Built-in Equaliser

To further control your music on Spotify, the iPhone and Android apps have a built-in equaliser to enhance performance based on the genre of music. One thing to note however is that if you change genres, you’ll need to dip back into the settings and change the equalisation manually. Tap settings, then playback and finally equaliser.

10 Spotify Tips and Tricks you Might Not Know About

Spotify Running

Music is the perfect companion when exercising, especially when you’re out for a jog. Where Spotify can help you is by giving you playlists that are built especially for you. Simply type ‘Running’ into the search bar and you’ll be able to select a playlist, built to your music tastes. Not only that, but Spotify will select and queue songs that match your pace if you have the accelerometer activated on your device. Very clever!


Migrate Your Music

One downfall of streaming services is that whichever one you prefer, it’s not always going to have everything you want on there. Especially that limited edition, rare Japanese album release with bonus tracks you treasure so much. Well you can easily import your library into Spotify so all your tracks are in one place. On the desktop app, click “Local Files” and you can manage your files from there.


Popular Music by Country

In a constant state of disagreement with the charts in your country? Fancy seeing what’s rocking on the other side of the globe? In the desktop app, select browse, then ‘Charts’ and select your country of choice.

10 Spotify Tips and Tricks you Might Not Know About

Facebook Linking

There are some great social features built into Spotify that let you share music with friends whilst also letting you see what they’ve been listening to. The easy way to do this is by linking your Facebook account if you have one. Do this by heading to your settings to the Social section which allows you to link up your Facebook account.


Private Sessions

One downfall of adding your social account is that those guilty pleasures you’ve kept hidden for years are now exposed to your friends! Don’t worry, in the desktop app head to the downward arrow in the top right hand corner and select ‘Private Session’.


Know any Spotify features we have haven’t mentioned? Make sure you share them with us in the comments below. You can also check out the Cambridge Audio Spotify account here for loads of playlists to suit every mood.