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Which Sound System Should I Choose?

Here at Cambridge Audio, we love listening to music, and we’re firm believers that everyone is entitled to enjoy great quality audio. For those of you looking into hi-fi products for the first time however, all the talk of 24bit/192kHz high-resolution files or our high-grade toroidal transformers can perhaps come across as a little daunting! Despite being audiophile geeks at heart, we also understand it’s important for us to help decipher the language and tech used for those of you looking to buy some quality audio products for the first time.

Which Sound System Should I Choose?

With that in mind, we’re keen to help those of you wanting a new setup by assisting in finding audio solutions best suited to your needs. The easy answer would be to suggest a hi-fi separates stack and move on – but that’s not always going to be suitable for everyone! So, here’s our guide to helping the hi-fi beginner find a system that’s perfect for them.

When looking for your next audio setup, there are three key factors to think about that might influence what you buy: how you listen to your music, the space you’ve available, and your budget.



Which Sound System Should I Choose?

One factor that might influence your choice of hi-fi is the room you have available for a system. If you have lots of space to play with, a full stack of hi-fi separates could be the way to go. Similarly if you’re into your movies, a full surround-sound home-cinema system could be worth thinking about. If space available means that none of these are viable options, there are plenty of one box audio units that can play a range of music formats; and some awesome soundbars out there that will really improve your TV viewing experience.



Which Sound System Should I Choose?

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy hi-fi sound. There are some great entry-level hi-fi ranges (including our very own Topaz Range) that can start you off at reasonable price points. Alternatively, you might want to consider a one-box audio unit for your music needs. For TV viewing, a soundbar is a great option that can really make a big difference. 


How Do You Listen to Your Music?

Which Sound System Should I Choose?

It’s essential that you think about your music sources before buying a new audio setup. A ‘source’ is where your music will be coming from, so a CD player or turntable, for example. If you’re likely to be using a streaming service (such as Spotify) to play music from your smartphone, a portable Bluetooth speaker or a network streamer could be an option.


More than likely, a combination of all three factors will come into play when choosing a system. If you’re still unsure, check out our video below to help you in your journey for better audio.

Whether you’re a hi-fi aficionado or a complete beginner, we’re always at hand to answer any questions and give you our advice. Leave a message in the comments section below!