Melomania Touch

Bezprzewodowe słuchawki douszne z technologią True Wireless

139,95 € 99,95 €
  • Wielokrotnie nagradzane, wielkie brytyjskie brzmienie dla aktywnych – każda para to 50 lat doświadczenia w dziedzinie audio
  • Więcej czasu z Twoimi ulubionymi artystami – do 50 godzin pracy na baterii
  • Zaprojektowane dla Ciebie – dobierz idealną parę dla siebie
  • Urządzenie kompatybilne z aplikacją Melomania – Twoja prywatna ścieżka dźwiękowa
  • Tryb przejrzystości –  usłysz dźwięki otoczenia
  • Wystarczy dotknąć – wbudowane dotykowe elementy sterujące
  • Dostępne w kolorze czarnym i białym
  • For the Journey

    At Cambridge Audio, we have over 50 years’ experience designing and engineering audio products. Our Melomania Touch headphones – like our award-winning hi-fi – are completely in tune with your favourite music.

    And with all-day battery life, custom fit, effective noise isolation and transparency mode, all just a short tap away, you can enjoy every single beat, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

    Women exercising while using Melomania Touch True Wireless Headphones

    Feel Every Beat

    Melomania Touch feature custom-designed 7mm Graphene-enhanced drivers. This super-material’s incredible strength and rigidity give our headphones their superb dynamic response. 

    As a result, Melomania Touch deliver an immersive and detailed reproduction of your music, with powerful bass response and refined control across the full frequency range – whatever the genre.

    Women taking the earphones out of the case

    Music First

    You demand, and deserve, a great soundstage, low distortion and high dynamic range. It’s what makes music come alive.

    Melomania Touch has our unique High Performance Audio Mode on board. It uses the same Class AB amplification technology found in our award-winning hi-fi, and delivers the world-class sound quality we’re famous for, in a pair of headphones. 

    Man commuting back home using Melomania Touch True Wireless Headphones

    All Day and Beyond

    Melomania Touch make battery anxiety a thing of the past, with up to 9 hours playback on a single charge of your earbuds. Charge in the vegan leather case to extend your listening time for up to a further 41 hours – that’s more than enough to last the working week.

    Enjoy your music where you want, for as long as you want to.

    Zoomed Image of Man's Hears with Melomania Touch Headphones

    Custom Comfort

    Melomania Touch were designed using datapoints from over 3,000 pairs of ears, to help you find your perfect fit. With 18 combinations of silicone fins and ear tips, you can customise and adapt your earbuds to your personal ear shape. 

    Whether you’re working, commuting, or exercising to your tunes, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. 

    Man using Melomania True Wireless Headphones in a crowded area

    Keep the Outside Out

    A good in-ear seal provides excellent noise isolation and is equally important for great sound quality – especially bass. 

    With Melomania Touch’s advanced custom fit, you can minimise background noise effectively and lose yourself in the music you love - no matter where you are.

    Women about to tap Melomania Touch True Wireless Headphones to activate Transparency Mode

    Let the Outside In

    Activate Transparency mode with three simple taps and shift your attention to what’s going on around you. 

    With Melomania Touch, you can tune into the sound of your surroundings, hold conversations and listen to public announcements – without removing your earbuds or pausing your playlist. 

    Melomania Touch case and smartphone displayed in a table

    Our Sound, Your Choice

    The Melomania app for Android and iOS, gives you access to a range of preset EQs created by our audio engineers. Choose the one that best suits your playlist or create and save your own custom settings.

    And with the app’s ability to help locate lost headphones, adjust transparency levels, check battery charge and download firmware updates, your Melomania Touch just keep getting better.

    Melomania venue at Cambridge Audio's headquarters

    Why Melomania?

    Melomania means ‘obsessed with music’ – it’s a passion that our team shares with you. To inspire us, we even built a live music venue at Cambridge Audio HQ in London, where we can fall in love with music all over again. It’s also called Melomania.

    Melomania headphones are the product of 50 years of engineering expertise, countless hours of development and numerous leaps in innovation.

    Melomania Touch True Wireless Headphones displayed on a travel magazine

    Melomania 1+

    True Wireless Headphones
    59,95 €
    129,95 €
    More info
    Graphene-enhanced 7mm
    Graphene-enhanced 5.8mm
    High Performance Audio Mode
    Battery life (Earbuds)
    Up to 9 hours
    Up to 9 hours
    Battery life (Charging case)
    Up to 41 hours
    Up to 36 hours
    Ergonomic, touch controls
    Bullet-shape, push controls
    Noise isolation
    Passive noise isolation
    Passive noise isolation
    Transparency mode
    Melomania App compatible
    Siri & Google compatible
    Voice calls
    Qualcomm cVc technology
    Qualcomm cVc technology
    Sweat and water resistant
    True Wireless 5.0
    True Wireless 5.0
    Codec Support
    SBC / AAC / aptX
    SBC / AAC / aptX
    Firmware upgradeable
    Pocket friendly case (WHD)
    72x30x44mm / 2.8x1.1x1.7 inch
    50x59x22mm / 1.9x2.3x0.8 inch
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      "What these mini monitors are able to do without question is rock, providing a fulsome sound with plenty of dynamic energy and grunt"

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      “These buds from the UK’s best-selling audio brand produce precise instrument separation on a beautifully big soundstage, thanks to the 7mm graphene drivers, and a recently updated firmware boost that lets you stray up to 100 feet from your sound source and keep an unbroken connection.”

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      “(Melomania Touch) audio quality is better than most in-ears we test in this price range, especially when you factor in the EQ in the app, making these earphones easy to recommend if you care about audio performance more than any other feature”

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      "An Excellent Pair of Wireless Earbuds"

      Customer Reviews

    • Szczegóły

      WERSJA BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 5.0, klasa 2
      PROCESOR Trójrdzeniowa architektura procesora: Dwurdzeniowy, 32-bitowy procesor podsystemu aplikacji i jednordzeniowy procesor podsystemu audio Qualcomm QCC3020 Kalimba DSP 120 MHz
      OPÓŹNIENIE Niskie (uzależnione od kodeku i jakości przekazu strumieniowego)
      GŁOŚNIK Głośniki o grafenowej membranie o średnicy 7 mm
      ZAKŁÓCENIA HARMONICZNE OGÓŁEM <0,04% przy 1 kHz, 1 mW 
      CZAS DZIAŁANIA BATERII (WKŁADKI DOUSZNE) Do 9 godzin (odtwarzanie ciągłe A2DP) *W trybie oszczędzania
      CZAS DZIAŁANIA BATERII (CAŁKOWITY) Do 50 godzin (9 + 41) *W trybie oszczędzania
      CZAS ŁADOWANIA Około 120 min. (0% do 100%)
      ZASILANIE 5 V, 500 mA (lub wyżej): ładowanie przez USB (kabel USB-C w zestawie)
      MIKROFON MEMS z technologią eliminacji hałasu cVc™
      CZUŁOŚĆ MIKROFONU 100 dB SPL przy 1 kHz 
      STEROWANIE GŁOSOWE Tak: Siri (iOS) / Google Assistant (Android)
      TEMPERATURA PRACY od 0 C do +40°C 
      PRACA PRZY WZGLĘDNEJ WILGOTNOŚCI POWIETRZA od 10% do 80%, bez kondensacji 
      WYMIARY Etui z ładowarką: 30 x 72 x 44; Słuchawki: gł. 23 x wys. (wkładka bez skrzydełka) 24
      WAGA Słuchawki: 5,9 g każda (obie wkładki douszne 11,8 g); Etui: 55,6 g; Razem: 67,4 g
      KOLOR / WYKOŃCZENIE Czarne: z połyskiem; Białe: z połyskiem
      KOLOR / WYKOŃCZENIE (ETUI) Czarne: syntetyczna skóra z mikrowłókien wysokiej jakości, Białe: syntetyczna skóra z mikrowłókien wysokiej jakości (odpowiednie dla wegan)