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    Compact Sub. Full Bodied Sound

    Minx X201 delivers an enhanced bass response with plenty of detail and control – thanks to a single powered driver and twin passive cones. Although compact, X201 packs a mighty 200W punch from its active amplifier. With gain, phase and crossover control for fine-tuning and integration into a complete Minx system.

    Beautifully finished in either gloss black or white, X201 is ideal for smaller spaces. 

    Man sat at desk, evo 150 on the left, white minx min 12 speakers on table stands either side of him, white x201 subwoofer to the right

    200 Watts of Power

    Minx X201 is an active subwoofer with 200 watts of power. Enough to add a rich, deep bass to smaller and medium sized spaces – such as home offices, where it’s at home tucked away on the corner of the room. The perfect accompaniment to a pair of Minx compact speakers.

    close-up 45 degree corner image of black x201 subwoofer and driver

    Innovative Drivers

    Minx X201 uses two Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABR) in addition to its primary powered driver. This means the subwoofer doesn’t require an open box or enormous cabinet to give great bass. Instead, X201 produces a rich, deep sound to bring movies soundtracks and working from home playlists to life.

    white minx min 12 speaker on table stand, next to x201 subwoofer with man plugging cable into the back

    Bass Control

    Our X201 subwoofer features a range of intuitive controls like volume and crossover frequency, to enable you to place it anywhere in the room and to blend the sound with other Minx speakers in your system.

    Man reading book at desk with white minx min 12 speaker on table stand and white minx x201 subwoofer in background

    Intelligent Power

    Our software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor to provide real-time control of equalisation and dynamic range. This allows our X201 subwoofer to handle more power and play louder than previous Minx models – resulting in tighter bass and less distortion at high volumes.

    close-up of the back of an x201 subwoofer

    Turns on Like Magic

    With auto-on mode Minx X201 automatically powers up when it detects an incoming audio signal. This means you don’t have to fiddle around to switch it on, nor worry about turning it off when your movie or playlist has finished playing.

    45 degree image of black x201 subwoofer

    Choice of Finish

    Understated design ensures that no matter your interior design taste, Minx X201 is always right at home. Finished in either high-gloss black or white, X201 is beautifully subtle and unobtrusive. Its tough exterior paint finish looks stunning and resists the inevitable challenges faced by tech traditionally placed on the floor.

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    • Szczegóły

      Moc 200W
      Pasmo przenoszenia 36Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz
      Zwrotnica Aktywna – regulowana w zakresie 50Hz-200Hz
      Przetworniki 1 x 6.5" subwoofer; 2 x 6.5" membrana bierna
      Wymiary (W x S x G) 219 x 210 x 222mm
      Waga 5,0 kg
      Wykończenie Czarne wysoki połysk, białe wysoki połysk