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London Design Festival, Buster + Punch and Us

We can’t hide it any longer. Cambridge Audio are head over heels, locked in a passionate brand-mance with London-born design label Buster + Punch.  Our eyes met across a crowded pavement in Southwark and we knew we’d met a kindred spirit…

Buster + Punch was founded by motorcycle, metalwork and music enthusiast Massimo Buster Minale who has created a company based on his passion for making the things he loves. 

From exquisitely crafted lighting to the insanely striking rockstar bars (yes please - they work with ‘rare, solid materials to make extraordinary items for everyday use’.  And that is something we can very much get on board with because we all have an inner rockstar that needs indulging before they throw a TV out the metaphorical window.

It is evident in everything that Buster + Punch design that they celebrate spaces that encourage living and music. Nowhere is this more evident than in their home renovation projects. The installation of home theatre and Hi-Fi is factored in at the initial concept stage and integrated throughout the process to deliver an acoustically and visually sound audio setup and we wanted IN.

If you’re a fan of stunning interior design and expertly crafted audio, prepare to get your lust on, here's some of our favourite shots for your viewing pleasure.

Check out Buster + Punch’s full range here… is it too early to start planning our Christmas wish list?

London Design Festival, Buster + Punch and Us