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Moving on from integrated TIDAL for StreamMagic

Evo 150 network player on grey shelf

Since we added support for TIDAL Connect to our network players earlier this year, we have offered listeners two ways of listening to music via the TIDAL streaming platform:

  • TIDAL Connect
  • TIDAL integrated into the StreamMagic app

Having two ways to do one thing can be confusing, particularly to new listeners, so we’ll be turning off support over the coming months for the integrated version of TIDAL on your StreamMagic app.  The final switch-off will come in January, but we wanted to let our listeners know as soon as possible.

If you use the integrated version of TIDAL to listen to music on any of our products, all you have to do is download the TIDAL app. Your product should show up as a listening option through the TIDAL Connect menu on the Now Playing screen. More information about using TIDAL Connect can be found here.

The integrated version was originally created to solve a problem – there wasn’t a good way to listen to music from TIDAL in high quality on Cambridge Audio network players. Now that the TIDAL app can connect directly to our products with TIDAL Connect (and in full Hi-Res where possible) there's no need for our app to patch things together.

At Cambridge Audio, we always ask ourselves, “How can we make this better?” That’s why we integrated TIDAL in the first place. But as great as our award-winning StreamMagic platform is, we know that native apps can often provide a richer experience. For example, you’ll have all of TIDAL’s recommendations and playlists at your fingertips when you use the TIDAL app.

Our software engineers will now be able to focus their time and energy on more exciting features for listeners – like the recent addition of home theatre bypass for Evo – and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got coming up.