Living with Evo

Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi; evolved for the modern world to make your music sound phenomenal.

It’s a choice of powerful amplifiers with built-in wireless music streaming, an optional CD transport, and a pair of matching bookshelf speakers.

Designed in London and built to last, Evo now has pride of place in listening spaces all over the world.

We asked a selection of Evo listeners to tell us what they think now they’ve got it home: 

  • Red Dot Winner 2022 logo

    "It is really impressive and praiseworthy that there are still designs out there that can surprise us with their form and functionality"

  • "A shining example of just how appealing a just-add-speakers streaming system can be"

    "A shining example of just how appealing a just-add-speakers streaming system can be"

  • Forbes logo

    “This is a great-looking all-in-one audio system that’s wonderfully compact and delivers a sound that is way beyond sublime”

  • Stereophile logo

    “There was a confident, unforced quality that let the music unfold gracefully”

  • the absolute sound

    "It’s the sort of box that could anchor a new system or replace an ageing one. And frankly, in all the time I used the Evo as my primary driver, I never felt the need to swap it out. That says a lot."

    Ged Martin - Evo Product Designer

    Minimal, Timeless Design

    When Ged Martin first envisaged Evo, he was determined to sketch a product concept that will endure for many years. Ged knows simplicity is the most elegant aspect of industrial design, and Evo demonstrates his mastery of form and line.

    He designed a classically timeless product, one acclaimed internationally with a prestigious Red Dot product design award.

    image of engineer opening the lid of an Evo 150

    Voiced in London

    Even the best components don’t deliver incredible sound all by themselves. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our London laboratory, poring over every detail of the way Evo makes music until they were completely satisfied.

    Because if our engineers aren’t satisfied, they don’t think you will be either.

    Evo in a lifestyle setting with a turntable and books

    Tomorrow's Hi-Fi, Today

    Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi, evolved to suit your needs. Elegant design, wide-ranging functionality, complete simplicity and exceptional performance. All from a single box.

    All of the convenience, none of the compromise.