70W Subwoofer

  • 70W amplifier provides clean, immediate power to the driver.
  • 8’’ (20cm) long-throw woofer provides a smooth and even frequency response.
  • CAD modelled rigid MDF cabinet minimises standing waves and avoids unwanted resonance.
  • Individual volume, crossover frequency and phase adjustment for precise control.
  • Auto detect (on and off) conserves power. 
  • SX-120 70W subwoofer

    Even though it handles a smaller part of the overall frequency response than any other speaker, a subwoofer requires careful design and engineering. It has to deliver deep, powerful bass that is fast and well defined enough to integrate seamlessly with your other speakers. The SX120 subwoofer was designed from the ground up by our engineers in London, with a custom 8-inch driver and a powerful 70W RMS amplifier. Components were carefully handpicked and then painstakingly voiced as complete units to meet these demanding criteria.

    The SX-120 is ideally suited to complement other models in the SX speaker range, adding a deep and rich bass extension to your music. And thanks to our decades of audio expertise, this performance is brought to you at an exceptionally reasonable price. 

    SX-120 70W subwoofer

    Power on Demand

    The SX-120 active subwoofer benefits from an internal amplifier that calls upon the vast experience we have in designing award-winning amplifiers. Great subwoofer amps should produce their power in a completely linear way with excellent current delivery. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the SX-120 does just that. 

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  • The details

    Sensitivity 180mV for full power output
    Frequency response 34Hz - 150Hz
    Rated output power 70W
    Drive units 1 x 8" (203mm) long throw woofer
    Crossover 50 - 150Hz continuous/active
    Max. power consumption 100W
    Colour Black Matte
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 300 x 300 x 310mm (11.8 x 11.8 x 12.2")
    Weight 7.7kg (17lbs)