CX Series 2

The Sound of Progress

Music should never be an afterthought, never side-lined, never just ‘background noise’. But as we entered the age of digital, music became a commodity. Presence was sacrificed in the name of convenience and the importance of sound quality was forgotten. It didn’t have to be.

cx hero
cx ss1

The story so far…

With the original CX Series, we decided to march to the beat of our own drum. We wanted to show that it was possible to build a system that offered all the convenience and simplicity of digital but made sure that music was placed firmly, squarely, in the centre stage. A system that was precise and detailed. A system that respected music.



cx ss2

Award-winning success.

For five years, our CX range of two integrated amplifiers, a network audio streamer and a CD transport has been a widely admired, award-winning success story. Five years can be a long time though, and Cambridge Audio isn’t a company to rest on its laurels.