Next Generation Hi-fi

We’ve been making network players since 2011. Along the way we’ve learned plenty about how to hear streamed music at its best, and what goes into the perfect player.  

Our current line-up has its roots in the acclaimed CXN, launched back in 2015. It gave rise to the premium Edge NQ and, of course, the best-selling CXN V2 – a staple of our current line-up. Evo, our all-in-one network player and amp followed in 2021. Now it’s been joined by MXN10 and AXN10 – new models designed to share our streaming expertise with a wider group of listeners. 

Streamed music once traded-off hi-fi sound quality with convenience. Thankfully, things have changed – thanks to faster broadband, new audio CODECs, a variety of competing streaming services and, of course, our expanded line-up of network players. 

Girl looking for records at a record store

You’ll Find What You’re Looking For

For some, streaming is the preferred way to enjoy music, while for others it’s a supplement to a vinyl addiction (can those shelves take much more?). It only matters to us that your music gives you the emotional hit you’re looking for. Our job is to make the best possible kit, and to help you to find what’s right for you.


Beginning to See the Light

Each of our network players was designed for a particular role, but you’ll have your own specific needs – perhaps driven by fundamentals like space and budget. With five models to choose from we’ve got you covered – all offer hi-res playback, have popular streaming services integrated (for best sound quality), feature Airplay 2 and Chromecast built-in, Internet Radio and are Roon Ready.

StreamMagic Module

It Starts with StreamMagic

Our five network players have two things in common: 1. They all run off our bespoke StreamMagic platform. 2. Like StreamMagic, they’re designed and engineered in London to help your digital music sound as it should – human. Our secret’s that we design both hardware and software symbiotically, neither’s a bolt-on – they’re of equal importance. 

Cambridge Audio MXN10 Network Player sitting next to records

New Kids on the Block

Our new MXN10 and AXN10 are a distillation of everything we’ve learned about streaming. They’re designed to a simple brief: deliver great sounding music from the internet, to the most people possible – easily. They’re two different sizes: one takes up as little room as possible, offering fantastic flexibility, and the other complements our popular AX series separates. 

Man clicking a button on CXN V2 Network Streamer

CXN V2, Rewarding Performance

The step-ups to the acclaimed CXN V2, include: a colour screen for album artwork, a rotary control dial – to add tactile interaction, twin DACs (with digital inputs to use CXN V2 as a DAC for other kit) and the capability to run the unit as a digital pre-amp. It’s no wonder this flexible network player is so highly regarded.

Evo with Alva TT

Talkin' Bout an Evo-lution

Our Evo all-in-one players blend our streaming know-how. Featuring the latest StreamMagic module with a Class D analogue amplifier in a stylish black anodised aluminium case. With a minimalist fascia embellished with a 6.8” colour screen and tactile twin-concentric rotary control dial – it’s an award winning design acknowledged by Germany’s respected RedDot organisation.

Cambridge Audio Edge System

Streaming with an Edge

When creating Edge NQ we reevaluated the role of preamplifiers and network players. By combining both in a single confident unit, we brought world-class streaming to premium hi-fi. Well served with inputs, both digital and analogue, Edge NQ is set to be your system’s control room for many years to come. 

CX Stack

Designed for Life

No matter what you choose, we’re confident that you’ll be happy with your choice for years. Our hi-fi’s characterised by minimalist, timeless design – crafted from aluminium and steel to last. And because these are network devices, our current line-up can receive over-the-air updates from our software team to keep them perfectly in tune.