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    "This marks the first time that a music streamer has been entered into our Hall of Fame."

    CXN V2

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    "…music streaming and audiophile-quality performance in a compact, convenient and good-looking system."


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    "Right at the very peak of quality turntables sits Cambridge Audio’s Alva TT V2"

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      Women listening to music with the Evo 150 and Evo CD


      Living with Evo

      We asked a selection of Evo listeners to tell us what they think now they’ve got it home. 

      Dac Magic 200M and MXN10 Network Player

      DACMAGIC 200M & MXN10

      Perfect Partners

      High-quality desktop hi-fi system – now available in special edition black

      CXN V2 Network Player

      Masters of Streaming

      We released our first network player in 2011. Now, there’s a whole range of award-winning players that pair the convenience of streamed music with the hi-fi sound quality you deserve.

      Guests of Cambridge Audio's podcast - Made By Music

      The Made By Music Podcast

      At the start of 2023, we set out to meet our musical heroes and now you can listen in to that journey with our new podcast. It’s a Spotify exclusive featuring interviews with Fatboy Slim, Boy George, Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll, Oasis’s Andy Bell and many  many  more.


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