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Artist Interview: Keir

This year has seen the release of your first E.P, congratulations! How has it been received?

Thank you! Really great, my mum actually started crying (with happiness) when we had the first batch of vinyl EPs delivered, it was a great moment. But yes it’s been amazing to be able to finally play everyone the music I have been writing for what seems like forever. It’s been received really well but really what is most important is that I am really proud of it and feel driven to continue.


Describe your sound in three words.

For me what is easier is to use three words other people have used so… ‘passionate, fiery, electric


Who are your main musical influences and how have they helped shape your sound?

I love David Bowie and Prince. I love performers and musical recordings which have a real performance captured on them.


You’ve been studying at BIMM in Bristol, what would you say is the one most important thing you’ve learnt there?

I wasn't very good at turning up to be honest but when I did I found it invaluable learning about different songwriting styles of my peers and the lack of boundaries which mustn’t be forgotten when songwriting.

What do you think the biggest challenges unsigned artists are facing as they try to build a music career?

Financially most bands/artists starting out I think are at a real disadvantage which can actually turn into a positive where such struggle can breed and make for very interesting, powerful music.


Do you have any tips for fellow aspiring artists?

I would say you should always follow your own heart before anyone else’s, try not to get caught up in what is expected and feel happy, confident and enthused at why you started out in the first place. Make what you love.


What’s on the calendar for Keir in 2017, what can we expect to see and hear from you?

I am currently writing and recording for the next release, in the studio and have lots of upcoming live dates to be announced for 2017.


What format do you prefer to listen to your music in, vinyl, cd, streaming etc. How important is hi-res music to you?

I love listening to vinyl but really if there is music you love and this should be heard anyway possible. It’s an amazing thing to have so many options when listening to new or old music.



Keir’s debut E.P is out now and we recommend you check it out on Spotify. You can also check out our Yoyo (S) video which features his awesome tracks ‘Probably’ and ‘I Don’t Need Anybody Else’