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Introducing the CXVHS

Our latest separates range the CX series has been received exceptionally well since it’s launch in June 2015. It seems like yesterday we were announcing the release of the CXA amps, CXN network streamer, CXC and CXU. However, there was one member of the family that wasn’t quite ready to show its face. Until now.

Introducing the CXVHS, our brand new and first ever VCR player and recorder. When speaking to our customers, we discovered that their passion for analogue media formats extended far past the vinyl and audio realm. They felt lost when looking for a working VCR without gambling on a rough looking machine complete with embedded footprint at the local car boot sale. VHS tapes are just as collectable (don’t take our word for it - check these out) and as widely enjoyed as vinyl and we understand fully that your collections should be enjoyed for years to come. In its design, we wanted the CXVHS to bring a sense of nostalgia to the home whilst also ensuring it could sit seamlessly with the rest of the award winning CX range.

Introducing the CXVHS

Here are just some of the key features of the CXVHS you can look forward to:


Built in clock with recording timer

Program the CXVHS to record your favourite TV shows without the need to be at home (we recommend a few hours of study time with the manual beforehand)


Wired remote control

We really wanted to give the user that irreplaceable vintage feel when using the CXVHS, so we ensured a wired connection was included with our unit. This was definitely not a feature requested by our support team who’ll have fewer lost remote requests to deal with…


Standard and Long Play support

Both recording methods are supported by the CXVHS, allowing flexibility when recording to your blank tapes. Standard Play ensures lossless quality recordings, whereas Long Play allows you to record more information at the expense of quality. This is done by reducing the speed the tape that is run through the CXVHS.


Slow motion playback

Slow down the speed of your tapes so you can catch the exact frame of video you’re looking for.


4 VCR heads

Take advantage of extra VCR heads for improved hifi audio playback with your hifi audio enabled video tapes.


The CX range is known for its handsome looks and flexibility and we feel quietly confident that once the guys at What Hi-Fi? get their hands on the CXVHS, we’ll be looking at our third Product of the Year award in the series.

Any questions on our latest addition or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.