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An Introduction to Network Players

What is a Network Player? Give me the 101…

A network player is a clever device that can play a variety of digital files from various sources, wirelessly and in a fantastic quality. They’re perfect if you…

  • Have a huge collection of CDs ripped to your computer
  • Have carefully curated lots of Spotify playlists
  • Listen to internet radio broadcasts


These are all playable using an internet connection, your home server or even connected directly with a cable. They’re easily controlled by using dedicated apps on smart devices, so navigating your music collection is a breeze.

An Introduction to Network Players

Why would I want a Network Player in my home?

Network players simply bring two important benefits to the table. Convenience and quality. All your music is delivered through one easy to use box, without compromising audio quality.


So why do I need a Cambridge Audio streamer over any other?

Without sounding big headed, we think we make particularly great streamers. It’s not just us who think we’ve cracked it either. Our network players have collected a range of rave reviews and awards including What Hi-Fi?’s Streamer of the Year award three times!

  • StreamMagic platform – To deliver this convenience and quality we developed our own streaming platform, StreamMagic. For convenience it allows you to access music through platforms like Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, UPnP networks, NAS network drives and much more. As for quality, it’s custom made in-house so we’re able to update and improve our platform whenever new technologies come into play.
  • ATF Upsampling – All music files run through our unique ATF upsampling technology, which helps bring out all the emotion and intricacies of your music whilst removing digital jitter (unwanted timing errors in digital playback). Files can be upsampled up to super high-quality 24-bit 384kHz using a high-end Digital Signal Processor. So no matter what connection it comes from all inputs sound exactly as they were originally made to be heard.
  • Cambridge Connect – There’s seamless control when navigating your music library from our custom built app, Cambridge Connect. The free download allows you to build playlists, set presets and browse your files without wading through confusing menus and folders.

Our network streamers are a must-have for music enthusiasts who want a simple and easy way to playback their music exactly as it was made to be heard. So check out some of the products here and join the network revolution.