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Air: Internet Radio & the Benefits of Using the App

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we love the Air 100 and Air 200 here at Cambridge Audio.

Alright we admit to being ever so slightly biased, but with rave reviews from What Hi-Fi, T3 and AV Forums just to name a few,

A particular plus point of the Air range is that unlike some manufacturers who opt for either Bluetooth or Airplay, so we made sure we developed them with both in mind. We couldn’t possibly pick one over the other, it would be like picking your favourite child!

The App

Our custom-designed Air app offers a number of great features and has been designed with usability in mind. Freely available on both Apple and Android devices, it’s not just a fancy way to change radio stations.

As audiophiles ourselves, we understand that everyone has slightly different preferences and requirements to suit their tastes when it comes to listening to music. So we included the ability to change both bass levels and equalizer settings directly within the app. Extremely useful if you have a wide and eclectic taste in music.

Air: Internet Radio & the Benefits of Using the App

Internet Radio

The Air app and the supplied remote control offer an additional five internet radio presets to the existing five preset buttons on the unit.

You can change these presets to any of the thousands of available digital radio stations. Being the super nice people we are, we thought we’d get you going straight out of the box with ten presets to cater for a range of tastes:


Our 10 favourite stations we’ve preset for you are:

1: BBC Radio 1 – For the pop music enthusiast who loves the charts.

2: BBC Radio 2 – The UK’s most popular radio station, for lovers of contemporary music.

3: BBC Radio 3 – Classical, opera and jazz music for those who want to lean back and relax.

4: BBC Radio 6 – A digital only station with a wide range of chat shows and music.

5: Jazz FM – As you probably already guessed, this station plays predominantly jazz music.

6: Klassik Radio – A mixture of classical and lounge music from this German station.

7: Absolute Radio – Contemporary pop and rock music enjoyed by a wide range of listeners.

8: FIP – A French music station with a varied and eclectic mix of musical genres for those who are looking to branch out with their music tastes.

9: Antenna Bayern – German radio station that plays contemporary music from around the world.

10: TheMixRadio – Chart and dance music… perfect for a night out.

While these are the ten radio stations that we’ve assigned as default, it’s completely up to you to decide which stations you keep or reconfigure.


What’s your favourite radio station to listen to? Do you find that you listen to it as part of a daily routine or at different times throughout the day? Let us know by commenting below!