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True Wireless for True Music Lovers: Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 with Lossless Audio

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Cambridge Audio Melomania M100

Cambridge Audio, is excited to launch the latest model in the award-winning Melomania headphones series. Melomania M100 brings the range bang up to date and more, by introducing Lossless Audio support and Active Noise Cancelling. 

Melomania M100 builds on over 50 years of audio expertise and an unashamed passion for music that went into the award-winning Melomania 1+, to deliver jaw-dropping sound from meticulously tuned premium drivers and hi-fi-grade Class AB amplification.

Cambridge’s London-based engineering wizards have also squeezed in world-class 10-hour battery life (extending to a seriously long-haul-friendly 16 hours with noise-cancelling turned off) to ensure that the sublimely immersive listening experience will remain uninterrupted, whether for a flight, a lengthy commute or a hard-working day and night.

Cambridge Audio is unlike any other audio company – we’re not just acoustic engineers, but bona fide music lovers. Everything that Cambridge does is Made By Music, emotionally connecting listeners to the tracks they love. This love of music drives the crafting of the Cambridge sound, revealing details you’ve never heard, across a wider and more immersive soundstage, with bass that’s controlled and impactful, not flabby and overblown.  

Cambridge Audio has been crafting innovative, transparent-sounding and beautifully engineered British audio products since introducing the revolutionary P40 amplifier in 1968. As with all Cambridge products, M100 has been designed, tuned and engineered at our own London-based music venue and HQ, Melomania, by the same passionate team behind our award-winning hi-fi equipment.

A custom 10mm premium driver with neodymium magnets has been matched with Class AB amplification, as used on Cambridge’s highly acclaimed CX Series hi-fi amplifiers, for incredible sound quality – deep, controlled bass, realistic vocals and beautiful treble clarity.

To ensure this combination of premium driver and class-leading amplification is allowed to reach its full potential, M100 is packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless wireless technology. This enables wireless playback in CD quality with no lossy compression. 

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) uses a hybrid combination of Feed-Back and Feed-Forward technology, with external microphones for monitoring outside ambient noise, and microphones inside the ear canal. This effectively blocks out exterior noise that would otherwise upset the immersive listening experience. Cutting-edge Qualcomm Adaptive ANC tech means that the noise-cancelling experience is also optimised regardless of how precisely the earbuds are fitted in the ears.

Right out of the box, M100 is tuned to deliver the acclaimed Cambridge sound – transparent and natural, taking you closer to the music without distorting it. But everyone is different, not just in their tastes but in how they hear. That’s why M100 offers a full array of options to help you find the sound that suits you. 

Within the all-new Melomania Connect control app, audio can be personalised to the listener’s taste. A seven-band EQ can be used to tweak the sonics manually to a precise degree, while six presets are offered tailored to multiple music genres.

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery during your favourite track. So M100 offers up to 10 hours of playback from just a single charge with ANC activated, or 16 hours with ANC switched off. More than two full charges are available from the carrying case, for an epic total of 52 hours of battery life. Fast charging means that just 10 minutes of charge time offers another 2 hours of ANC-enabled playback. Never be without your music again.

For maximum comfort and fit over extended listening sessions, whether on a long-haul flight or a day’s work in your home office, M100 have been designed using data from thousands of pairs of ears. This has resulted in an earbud that is well-balanced and light enough that you barely notice you’re wearing them.

Three sizes of silicone tips and two sizes of memory foam tips ensure that listeners will find the right combination of long-lasting comfort and a snug, noise-isolating seal to deliver that immersive sound.

Taking on board feedback from previous Melomania models, Cambridge’s engineers have worked tirelessly to enhance the user experience for M100. This has included bringing Bluetooth connectivity right up to date and beyond with the very latest features. 

Thanks to both Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair, connecting M100 to an Android phone/tablet or Windows PC for the first time is effortless. The earphones broadcast their availability and the Android or Microsoft devices will prompt you to pair. Just click Yes and you’re done! A physical button on the charging case can also put the earphones into Bluetooth pairing mode with a single press.

The touch controls have also been refined to be more responsive and intuitive. Offering further choice to the listener, all touch controls on the earbuds can be individually customised from within the new Melomania Connect app.

M100 supports Gaming Mode, which ensures near-perfect screen/sound sync while playing the latest games, and can correct syncing issues with certain video content. Latency has been reduced to just 80ms.

Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio also has the futureproofing potential to offer further benefits over time, such as support for AuraCast Broadcast Audio and the high-quality, battery-saving LC3 audio codec.

These are built to last and adapt to the next phase of wireless tech.

The new Melomania development gave us an opportunity to focus on using sustainable materials wherever possible. We’ve introduced recycled Neodymium for the driver magnets, and 50% recycled plastic. M100 are also shipped in plastic-free packaging.

This drive to create a more sustainable product builds on Cambridge’s support as Founding Donor of the eco-music charity EarthPercent, which was co-founded by the iconic Brian Eno.

Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 is available now at and Amazon, priced at £169/€199/$219. 

Hi-res images can be downloaded from here


“By adopting cutting-edge tech like apX Lossless, Melomania M100 were crafted to be our best true wireless earphones so far, to take on all comers and show what real audio expertise can deliver,” asserts James Johnson-Flint, owner of Cambridge Audio.