Limited Edition Floorstanding Speakers


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  • Redefining Classic

    When we designed a pair of speakers for Edge, we took inspiration from our sister British brand Mordaunt Short. Their Performance 6 speakers set a high standard to beat, but to carry the Edge name our new speakers had to be even more special. Edge is for people who don’t accept compromise, and our engineers in London took their responsibilities very seriously when developing Edge S.

    Our Edge philosophy is simply:
    Listen first, measure later. Forget cost and forget limitation.”

    Top section of Edge S floorstanding speaker, grey background

    True Limited Edition

    Edge S speakers are handmade to exacting standards. They’re so special that we’ll only ever make 68 pairs – to celebrate our foundation year of 1968. Edge was introduced to commemorate Cambridge Audio’s 50 years in business, Edge S continues in that tradition. Over half a century in the pursuit of audio perfection is something special. 

    Close-up side angle of edge s speaker, light grey background

    Inner Beauty

    An acoustically inert polyurethane resin chassis made internal radical sculpting possible. Modern engineering principles and components helped us push Edge S to the limit of technology and acoustics. Internal wiring, external drive units, driver planar alignment and crossover redesign were all refined. Resulting in the design efficiency and enhanced audio performance demanded by Edge. 

    close-up of Edge S speaker feet, light grey background

    New British Icon

    The ported cabinet eschews the parallel surfaces of conventional speakers, delivering a beautifully sculpted form. The breathtaking shape eliminates colouration and has unsurpassed inherent mechanical strength, dramatically improving sound quality. This is enhanced by CNC milled aluminium driver rings and a heavy die-cast base with spiked feet. 

    45 degree angle shot of full edge s speaker, white background

    Aluminium Plinth

    With Edge, form and function go hand-in-hand. Edge S sits on a solid aluminium base, that visually anchors its place in the Edge family. It also adds all-important structural stability, so that no energy is wasted through vibration and high performance sound output is assured. 

    side on shot of Edge S speaker tweeter, light grey background

    Aspirated Tweeter

    Edge S uses Aspirated Tweeter Technology (ATT). This elongated metal diffuser (with form defined by complex acoustic principles) floats freely in a discrete enclosure. Strategically positioned vents eliminate the colouration which can affect traditional closed-back designs. This unique system means that the high frequency drivers of Edge S literally ‘breathe’, resulting in an open yet detailed sound. 

    close-up shot of edge s speaker grille, light grey background

    New Crossover

    In a radical move, true to the Edge philosophy of ‘less is more’ and thanks to modern engineering techniques, we reduced the component count inside the crossovers to just 16. This keeps the signal path as short and clean as possible. We paid close attention to the internal cabling to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal interference with the audio reproduction. 

    45 degree angle shot of full edge s speaker, light grey background

    Driver Arrangement

    New Continuous Profile Cone (CPC) mid-range drivers are surrounded by CNC machined aluminium rings. This aids efficient dispersion of audio waves, unhindered by the cabinet. It gives engaging mid-range and layers of bass detail previously unheard. As well as the drivers being better supported from the front, internal bracing hold them perfectly in place. 

    low angle shot of edge s speaker drivers, light grey background

    5 Year Warranty

    Each pair of Edge S loudspeakers comes with a limited edition certificate. That’s in addition to a 5 year parts & labour warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We made Edge S to be special, and we know that you’ll want to keep them that way. 

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  • The details

    Drive Units 1x 25mm (1”) ATT tweeter, 1 x 10cm (4”) CPC mid/bass driver, 2 x 16.5cm (6.5”) CPC woofers
    Binding Posts Copper-plated, single-wirable
    Frequency response 35Hz-30kHz
    Sensitivity 89dB / 2.83V / 1m
    Nominal impedance 4-8 Ohms
    Power rating 15-250 Watts
    Dimensions (w x h x d) 240 x 1144 x 397mm (9.4 x 45 x 15.6”)
    Weight 30kg (66lbs)
    Finish Lunar Grey