Edge NQ

Preamplifier with Network Player

...we’d buy the Edge NQ.

What Hi-Fi?, December 2018

Impressively revealing.

With a revolutionary preamp circuit-board that reduces interference and an incredibly clean signal path, Edge NQ plays your favourite music with astonishing depth. Stream, plug-in and play to enjoy every note in perfect clarity.


All the sources.

Edge NQ lets you enjoy music from any source. As well as digital coaxial, HDMI, USB and S/PDIF connections, there’s also Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Qobuz, AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX HD, Internet Radio and UPnP Playback. Roon Ready certification enhances your browsing experience. Wherever songs are played from, Edge NQ stays true to the character of every instrument and uncovers a musicality you’ve never heard before.


Astonishing digital detail.

With a wealth of connections including digital coaxial, ARC (Audio Return Channel), USB and S/PDIF, our engineers have ensured that all of your digital content can be enjoyed, at up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD 256. Edge NQ offers an incredibly revealing sound that has detailed tone, rhythmic drive and taut bass.


Sonic balance.

Edge NQ was designed with a unique PCB. Our engineers replaced conventional capacitors with a DC coupled topology and also added a solid state volume control. The end result is a clean signal path that’s perfectly balanced at any volume.


Award-winning streaming software.

Edge NQ boasts the very latest version of our award-winning streaming module. Designed in-house, right here in the UK, it features a new, faster chipset and support for both 24bit/192kHz and DSD128 files. The addition of Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Qobuz, AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX HD and Internet radio means you can enjoy your music whatever the source.

Roon Ready certification enhances your browsing experience.


Chromecast built‑in.

Thanks to Chromecast Built-in hundreds of music services, including Sirius XM & Soundcloud, can be enjoyed on the Edge NQ. Just tap the cast button in your favourite app to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop in stunning high definition sound, up to 24bit/96kHz.


Fixed Line-out Mode

If you wish to connect the Edge NQ to an integrated amplifier rather than a power amplifier, the streaming functionality can be used independently of the preamplifier. The preamplifier can be disabled via the dedicated Edge app for iOS and Android.


Perfect partners.

Edge systems are designed to work in perfect synchronisation. Match the Edge NQ with our highest performing power amplifier, Edge W, to create a hi-fi system with a sound, and a look, unlike anything else.

Edge NQ
Preamplifier with Network Player
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Tech Specs

HiFi Review

Hong Kong SAR China,

HiFi Review - Products of the Year 2018 - Pre + Power Amplifier



Outstanding Popularity Awards 2018

2018 年度人氣獎


Audio Art 音響論壇年度器材風雲榜


Best Value of The Year 2019



Best Performance of The Year 2019

Hi-Fi Choice

United Kingdom,

'Cambridge Audio has surpassed itself with the Edge NQ/W combination... lovely to look at, nice to use and packed to the gunwales with features.'



'We never doubted that Cambridge Audio could deliver high-end... ...at €3000 (Edge W) and €4000 (Edge NQ) the series offers a real bargain compared to its performance. In short: this is an absolutely coherent concept.'

What Hi-Fi?

United Kingdom,

'Accomplished is a word we can use to describe the Edge NQ... ...It performs as well as a separate pre-amp costing around £1300, as a DAC and streamer that’d set you back a grand each, and packs it all into one, gorgeous unit with an impressive headphone amplifier to boot.

Simply put, if we had a budget of £3500 for a pre-amp and streamer, we’d buy the Edge NQ.'

Audio Art 音響論壇


「英國Cambridge Audio從1968年創立迄今,一直以「英國之聲」自傲,同時也以大家都能買得起的訂價政策行銷。現在,他們打破50年來不變的作法,推出向創辦人之一致敬的產品。設計的指令是不計成本,只求最好。不過,它們的售價依然維持在大家能夠負擔的範圍內,值得向他們致敬。」

Hong Kong SAR China,

「封面故事」推介英國 Cambridge Audio Edge NQ 網絡播放器兼前級放大器 + 兩台同廠 Edge W 立體聲功率放大器,bi-amp 驅動 B&W 802D3 揚聲器,三大件 Edge 旗艦級傑作聲音細緻、感情豐富、音樂感動人,而且性價比極高(三件合計共 8 萬餘元),值得推薦。」