Compact Speaker

HK$1,300.00 HK$990.00
  • Compact size – fit vertically or horizontally
  • BMR Speaker Tech – wide sound dispersal for flexible positioning
  • High Gloss ABS Enclosure – looks good & focuses sound 
  • Available in Black or White – choose the colour that suits you
  • High Quality Cable connectors – fit better cable for better sound
  • Sold individually – buy only what you need
  • Couple drinking together on green sofa in living room with 4 black minx min 22 speakers on floorstands

    Small Speakers, Big Sound

    The size of 2 stacked Rubik’s Cubes®, Min 22 delivers beyond expectation. Min 22 adds a dedicated low frequency driver over the smaller Min 12. It’s designed to be teamed with a mix of Minx speakers, including one of our subwoofers for a full sound.

    Equally at home on the study, the dining room or as a key component in your home theatre set-up.

    close-up low angle of black minx min 22 speaker

    BMR Speaker Technology

    Unlike traditional pistonic or flat panel speakers, Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers combine vertical and horizontal dispersion using horizontal vibration modes. Compared to conventional drivers, BMRs give pinpoint accuracy, offering extraordinary detail at low and high volumes. This means BMRs can deliver a much wider sound-stage, perfect when size and flexibility of placement matters.

    Man on sofa reaching round black minx min 22 speaker on floorstand

    Spot-on Sound

    Minx Min 22 compact speakers offer 180° sound dispersion, so they’re easy to position and sound great wherever you are – as there’s no sweet-spot. You can place them vertically or horizontally on the optional table stand. The 4th generation BMR drivers deliver enhanced performance, so integrate beautifully with a Minx subwoofer to deliver a room-filling sound.

    close-up 45 degree side angle image of black minx min 22

    Made to Please

    Minx Min 22 compact speakers are encased in high-gloss lacquered ABS cabinets, with the special BMR speaker drivers mounted to die-cast aluminium exoskeletons, they’re reassuringly solid. They’re designed to focus the sound and to propel your music out into the room.

    living room with green sofa, tv and white minx min 22 speakers on floorstands

    Choice of Finish

    Understated design ensures that no matter your interior decoration style, Minx Min 22 is always at home. Finished in high-gloss black or white, these compact speakers are beautifully subtle and unobtrusive. Choose black to hide them in the shadows and on bookshelves, or white to compliment a modern minimalist living room.

    man inserting cable into banana plugs on the back of black minx min 22 speaker

    Well Connected

    Minx Min 22 have proper speaker cable connectors (binding posts) and come with banana plugs for quick installation. A recessed screw fitting accepts the supplied flush wall bracket, or any of our dedicated accessories. The slender floorstands are ideal for surround systems, while the table stand allows Min 22 to be mounted horizontally – perfect for a centre dialogue speaker.

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  • Key features

    Sound that defies its size Huge sound from a little speaker and with wide frequency response and pin-point accuracy.
    Wider sound dispersion No matter where you place them, or where you are in the room, Minx sounds great thanks to innovative Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers .
    Additional dedicated driver Extra speaker driver offers improved bass handling and wider frequency response.
    Incredible Versatility optional wall mount, floor stands, or desk stands offerComplete control of placement making for a better home audio or cinematic listening experience.
    Subtle design and premium finish Available in gloss black and gloss white.
  • The details

    SENSITIVITY (SPL) 88dB (2.83 Vrms input)
    IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms compatible
    DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 78 x 154 x 85mm (6.0 x 3.1 x 3.3”)
    WEIGHT 0.75kg (1.65lbs)
    FINISHES High gloss black High gloss white
    In the box 1x speaker