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BMR Speaker Drivers

BMR® is a technology that brings a number of exceptional advantages to audio reproduction. The BMR® technology provides a full range drive unit that has a similar acoustic behaviour to a point source drive unit where the majority of the audio band is produced from a single membrane, avoiding the common problems associated with crossovers and material change within the audio band.

Unlike traditional pistonic or flat panel speakers, BMRs® uniquely combine vertical and horizontal dispersion using Horizontal Vibration Modes. This means BMRs® can deliver a much wider sound stage and a truly room-filling performance.

A BMR® is a modal loudspeaker which uses a flat membrane, where a limited number of bending resonances are harnessed to produce midrange and high frequencies. The membrane is built into a chassis, like a traditional loudspeaker, with a voice coil, surround and spider to extend the response down into the low frequencies.

The key BMR® listener benefits are:

  • They’re capable of mid-range so they integrate beautifully with a subwoofer unlike most small satellite speakers
  • They offer 180 degree dispersion so they’re easy to position and sound great wherever you are. This means there’s no specific sweet spot; instead they offer a coherent room filling sound – perfect for any shape of room, or even bars and cafes too.
  • When used in speakers such as the Aero and Aeromax, the BMR eliminates traditional crossover point issues as we’ve moved the crossover point down to 250Hz. This in turn means the Aero and Aeromax speakers can use dedicated subwoofer drivers instead of mid/bass drivers, so they deliver a stronger punchier bass.