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Your Cambridge Audio Christmas Gift Guide

Black Melomania Touch and 1+ headphones with christmas decorations


These are for the music lover on the move, the gym bunny, the podcast obsessive, and anyone who enjoys tuning out the world around them. Melomania headphones were made to make those moments better. Offering a whopping 50-hour battery life (Touch), a choice in fit (ergonomic, or a simple bullet shape) and the same amplification technology as you’ll find in many of our hi-fi amplifiers, they really are a treat for the ears. 


There’s a reason Evo has won numerous awards this year. It’s everything you need to enjoy your favourite songs, albums, and radio stations, all in one box - just add speakers. Built to fit any lifestyle, it’s stylish (with interchangeable side panels) and looks as good as it sounds. Honestly, we could sit here and rave about it all day, but instead of us boring you with all the details, why not experience it for yourself this Christmas and open yourself up to a whole new world of listening.

Evo 150 on shelf with pink books and record player


It looks like we’re going to be working from home for a little while longer, so why not level up the 9-5 with a speaker set-up for the desk? The Minx speaker series may be small, but they’re mighty. Standing no bigger than a can of your favourite fizzy drink, they can slot in around screens with ease and will take your daily soundtrack from flat to fantastic in no time at all. Just remember, you need an amplifier to work with Minx, but fortunately we do those too.


Need something more portable? Take a look at the Yoyo (S). Not only does this feisty little fellow boast two full range drivers, a subwoofer and a passive bass radiator to deliver the highest quality performance for your music, but it also has a 14-hour battery life, charges your phone and can be controlled by the swipe of your hand. Pretty nifty, huh?


Every good hi-fi system needs an amplifier, but we understand that when you’re making your first steps into separates it can be a bit daunting to know what to get. That’s why we created the AX range – it offers great value whilst still delivering unrivalled audio performance. For less than £300 the AXA35 integrated amplifier comes with a built-in phono stage to connect your turntable of choice, as well as 35 watts of power per channel and a proper ¼ inch headphone socket (which’ll help keep noise levels to a minimum around the house and won’t upset your neighbours).


If you receive any Cambridge Audio kit for Christmas, make sure you tag us on our socials - @cambridgeaudio