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Welcome to Our Venue Space, Melomania

Melomania the Cambridge Audio Live Venue Space

We’ve completely transformed the dull empty void that was our ground floor into an exciting new event and venue space. Pieced together by our own Engineering Department, we couldn’t be happier with the final result. It’s not just a place where we can nip down to and lose ourselves in pure audio bliss, we’ve prepared the space for all kinds of events, including live performances, listening sessions, rehearsals and more

Here’s the full kit list for you to geek over:

  • 68 x Min 22 speakers – These are housed in flying arrays, giving the venue a stadium sound system feel.
  • 19 x Aero 9 subwoofers – Split up into 4 towers of bass power.
  • 4 x 851W power amplifiers – Because 3 amplifiers just isn’t enough.
  • A total of 155 speaker drive units and 12.3kW of power.
  • Cambridge Audio 851N – Our flagship network player, so there’s plenty of connectivity options including Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay, Internet Radio etc.
  • Mackie 32 channel 24bit/48kHz mixer - All iPad controlled.
  • 12TB USB Hard Disc - For recording live events and sessions.
  • Xta DP448 24bit/96kHz audio system management - To stop people playing TOO loud!

Melomania Sound Wall provided by: Shimmer Walls