Hi-Fi 的新里程


在 Cambridge Audio,这意味着高保真音响已为当今做好了准备,能够适应您的生活方式并使其看起来和亦听起来不错。这亦意味着要吸收 50 多年的音频专业知识,并将其全部整合到一个革命性的产品中。

这就是 Evo。

我们开发了 Evo,因此您可以享受两全其美的体验。


Evo 是向前迈出的一大步。

Cambridge Audio - evo 150
Cambridge Audio - Ged Martin - Evo Product Designer

当 Ged Martin 在我们伦敦的工作室里坐下来设计 Evo 的时候,他下定决心要设计一个可以持续多年的产品设计。 Ged 知道简单是工业设计中最优雅的一环,而 Evo 则表现出他对形态和线条的执着。


Wood and black side panels for Evo
Choice of side panels included

Our story started with the iconic P40 amplifier. So, using the P40’s wood trim as inspiration, Ged incorporated beautiful, tactile walnut side-panels into his elegant design.

Evo’s use of premium materials includes a choice of side panels, designed to accentuate the timeless simplicity of Evo’s design and compliment your lifestyle.

Living room set-up with plant, sofa and Evo 150
Heritage and the evolution of hi-fi

We've been designing and building outstanding audio equipment for over 50 years. In that time, fashion in hi-fi has changed just as surely as fashion in music - but we’ve always been at the cutting edge.

So, we think Evo is not only the best-sounding all-in-one player you can buy, its design looks to the future at the same time as acknowledging our rich legacy.

Evo 150 and Evo S speaker on white bookshelf

Evo 150 和 Evo 75 均使用革命性的 Hypex NCore  D类放大技术 - 在 Evo 150 中,每声道的额定功率为 150 瓦;在 Evo 75 中,每声道的额定功率则为 75 瓦。

在 Hypex NCore 改变游戏规则之前,D 类的放大仅涉及产品大小和电能效率 - 但在 Hypex NCore 加持下,声音的清晰度、分辨率和直觉音乐性方面也具有明显的优势。

这是使 Evo 如此令人愉悦且信服的重要组成部分。

Black and white image of engineer opening the lid of an Evo 150
Voiced in London

Even the best components don’t deliver incredible sound all by themselves. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our London laboratory, poring over every detail of the way Evo makes music until they were completely satisfied.

Because if our engineers aren’t satisfied, they don’t think you will be either.

Top angle of Evo 150 with phone displaying The Clash playing on Streammagic
內建 StreamMagic

串流音乐的便利性显而易见 - 但除非听起来很棒,否则意义何在?

我们的内部工程师将 StreamMagic 设计为听起来最好的串流媒体平台 - 由开发至今已经 10 年了,这正是我们认为的样子。

StreamMagic 的不断发展以接受新的音乐格式和服务,这意味着它应该永远是串流数码音乐的理想方式。

Evo 150 displaying Streammagic, on green background

不管您是如何存取您的数码音频档案,最新一代并屡获殊荣的 StreamMagic 平台使它们的音质比以往任何时候都来的更好。

可以满足从 Roon 到建基于 MQA 的 TIDAL Master、Spotify Connect、Apple AirPlay 2、Chromecast和 Qobuz 等每种当前的播放方式。

StreamMagic 随时准备适应未来可能带来的一切。

Evo 150 and Evo S speaker on grey shelf
Complete your Evo system

If you add Evo S speakers to Evo, it becomes an Evo all-in-one system. True plug-and-play convenience, with absolutely no compromise to the sound quality we’ve been perfecting all these years. 

Evo 150 on kitchen island
Tomorrow's hi-fi, today

Evo is everything you’ve always loved about hi-fi, evolved to suit your needs. Elegant design, wide-ranging functionality, complete simplicity and exceptional performance. All from a single box.

All of the convenience, none of the compromise.

Evo 150 and tower speakers in white living room