• 优化的低音磁铁系统可提供沉重而有力的低音
  • 丝质圆顶高音扬声器结合了精致的外观和高细节水平
  • 高音扬声器振膜后面的泡沫阻尼器可减少反射并产生宽广而轻松的声场
  • 135mm 经过特别处理的纸盆可提供平滑均匀的频率响应
  • 精确优化的分频器,可实现最中性的相位线性响应
  • CAD建模的刚强 MDF 箱体可大大地减少驻波并将振动降至最低
  • SX60 直立式扬声器建基于 SX50 的优势之上,但占用的空间较大。它们可以在更大的空间中快乐地工作,同时仍然为您提供放置的灵活性。


    SX60 Speakers on a stand
    SX60 Standmount Speaker

    Rock Solid Foundations

    Hi-fi speaker engineering starts with the cabinet. Computer-aided design (CAD) was used extensively to refine SX60’s internal structures, to ensure that while the drivers are vibrating with your music, the cabinet isn’t. This means that every millimetre of movement from the drivers is directed where it should be – at you.

    SX60 Speaker Detail

    Stand and Deliver

    SX60 speakers have a 165mm (6.5") woofer made from treated paper. Hi-fi manufacturers have used it for years, as paper’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality – so instruments sound rich, well defined, and real. 25mm (1") soft dome tweeters, made from treated silk, take care of the higher frequencies – with the same balance of realism and refinement.

    SX60 Speaker Detail

    Two Drivers, One Voice

    Our team in London took great care and attention when designing the crossovers in SX60 – as they’re responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency. Accuracy of timing and stereo imaging depend on phase remaining completely linear, from top to bottom. The result? Your music sounds engaging, energetic and real.

    SX60 Connections

    Engineered, Front to Back

    Attention to detail on SX60 runs from front to back. There’s a neat bass reflex port, directly under the woofer, which emphasises lower frequencies to provide rich engaging sound. Spin SX60 around to reveal a pair of high-quality speaker binding posts (connectors), which can accept thick speaker cable – with or without banana plugs.

    SX60 with the grill cover

    Designed for Real Life

    New look SX60’s clean, understated design allows them to sit in a variety of spaces, and work well in all. Leave the grilles on to protect the drivers from little fingers, or to gain acceptance from your interior designer – alternatively take them off to celebrate your great taste in music (and speakers).

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  • 细节

    灵敏度 89dB
    频率响应 41Hz - 22 kHz
    阻抗 8 Ohms
    建议扩音机功率 20-100 瓦
    单元 6.5"(165mm)经特别处理的纸盆中低音 1"(25mm)丝膜高音
    分频 二路
    低音反射孔 1个 (前)
    颜色 哑光黑
    尺寸(高X宽X深) 340 x 200 x 272mm (13.3 x 7.9 x 10.7")
    重量 5.0 公斤(11磅)