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高品质的 AX 系列产品物超所值,实现理想的保真度,制造出首个叠加分离系统。

设计灵感来自我们屡获殊荣的前沿技术(Edge)和 CX 系列产品。我们所设计的 AX 部件让您可聆听到原汁原味的“英伦之声”。产品将改变您欣赏音乐的方式。


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AXA25 integrated amplifier and AXC25 CD player on wood desk with lamp
Why Separates?

Hi-fi separates offer lots of system flexibility. You can mix and match what’s in your stack as and when you want to. Splitting out each specific job into separate units also gives better end results, as each component can concentrate exclusively on performing a single task to the best of its ability.

AXA35 integrated amplifier and AXC35 CD player with white speakers
System Building

So, which of these units do you need in your hi-fi system? An amplifier is the driving force of any system. It’s where the sound is crafted. The other essential is a set of speakers – The Cambridge Audio SX60s are a perfect match for AX Series amplifiers. You’ll also need a source such as a CD player, a computer or a turntable but that’s down to how you consume music.


您是否有一些经典的数字音乐文件想要播放呢?AXR100 有三个数字输入端口,可直接连接到数字音源。或者,您可以选择我们的 DacMagic 产品,它可以将数字信号处理为模拟转换过程,同时增加磁道的深度、细度和品质。在此查看我们的 DacMagic 产品系列

SX60 standmount speakers


speaker cable

不要忘记,您需要电缆将所有元件连接在一起!您将需要 连接器产片 将您的独立元件连接在一起,并且 扬声器电缆 您的扬声器。当您开始选择元件时,我们将针对每一个独立元件推荐适合的电缆。

AXA25 integrated amplifier and AXC25 CD player with grey speaker