• 優化的低音磁鐵系統可提供沉重而有力的低音
  • 絲質圓頂高音揚聲器結合了精緻的外觀和高細節水平
  • 高音揚聲器振膜後面的泡沫阻尼器可減少反射並產生寬廣而輕鬆的聲場
  • 135mm 經過特別處理的紙盆可提供平滑均勻的頻率響應
  • 精確優化的分頻器,可實現最中性的相位線性響應。
  • CAD建模的剛強 MDF 箱體可大大地減少駐波並將振動降至最低
  • SX-60 Standmount Speakers white background

    SX60 直立式揚聲器建基於 SX50 的優勢之上,但佔用的空間較大。它們可以在更大的空間中快樂地工作,同時仍然為您提供放置的靈活性。


    SX-60 Standmount Speaker

    Solid Foundations

    Great speakers begin with the cabinet. SX Series speakers use cabinets that make extensive use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to fully understand where they need to be braced and strengthened. Why? So that every millimetre of movement from the drivers is directed towards the listener as sound and not wasted as cabinet vibration. 

    SX-60 Standmount Speaker close-up

    Perfect Reproduction

    SX Series speakers all make use of mid bass drivers that are made from treated paper. This might not sound terribly high tech, but the impressive strength to weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality so instrumentation sounds clear, well defined and believable. Taking care of the higher frequencies is a soft dome tweeter made from treated silk that offers the same balance of realism and refinement. 

    SX-60 Standmount Speaker

    Many Drivers, One Voice

    Great care and attention has gone into the design of the crossovers in SX Series. As they are entirely responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency, we have worked hard to deliver this requirement as efficiently as possible. Timing and stereo imaging are accurate because the phase remains completely linear from top to bottom. 

    SX-60 Standmount Speaker rear close-up

    A Design for Life

    SX Series speakers all feature clean, understated looks that allow them to sit in a variety of spaces and work in all of them. Whether you want a discrete pair of bookshelf speakers or a compromise-free 7.1 AV system for home cinema use, the SX series has the options to suit in a style that enthuses. 

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  • 細節

    靈敏度 89dB
    頻率響應 41Hz - 22 kHz
    阻抗 8 Ohms
    建議擴音機功率 20-100 瓦
    單元 6.5"(165mm)經特別處理的紙盆中低音 1"(25mm)絲膜高音
    分頻 二路
    低音反射孔 1個 (前)
    顏色 啞光黑
    尺寸(高x寬x深) 340 x 200 x 272mm (13.3 x 7.9 x 10.7")
    重量 5.0 公斤(11磅)