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AX 系列結合高品質和出眾的性價比,這是為對高傳真音響感到好奇的人建立首個單獨堆疊音響系統的完美方法。

從我們屢獲殊榮的 Edge 和 CX 系列取得設計靈感,我們設計 AX 的組件是領略「英倫之聲」(Great British Sound) 的最直接的入口。它將永遠改變您欣賞音樂的方法。


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AXA25 integrated amplifier and AXC25 CD player on wood desk with lamp
Why Separates?

Hi-fi separates offer lots of system flexibility. You can mix and match what’s in your stack as and when you want to. Splitting out each specific job into separate units also gives better end results, as each component can concentrate exclusively on performing a single task to the best of its ability.

AXA35 integrated amplifier and AXC35 CD player with white speakers
System Building

So, which of these units do you need in your hi-fi system? An amplifier is the driving force of any system. It’s where the sound is crafted. The other essential is a set of speakers – The Cambridge Audio SX60s are a perfect match for AX Series amplifiers. You’ll also need a source such as a CD player, a computer or a turntable but that’s down to how you consume music.


您是否已經有想播放的數位音樂檔案集嗎?AXR100 有三個數位輸入接口,可以直接連接數位訊號源。或者,我們的一個 DacMagic 產品可以處理數位到類比的轉換過程,同時為您的音軌添加額外的深度、細節和品質。在這裡查看我們的 DacMagic 產品系列

SX60 standmount speakers


speaker cable

別忘了,您需要纜線連接所有組件!您將需要 interconnects 連接您的獨立音響 揚聲器纜線 為您的揚聲器。當您開始添加單元到購物籃時,我們將建議每個獨立音響需要的纜線。

AXA25 integrated amplifier and AXC25 CD player with grey speaker