SX系列的高保真揚聲器是Cambridge Audio各種設備和電子產品的理想合作夥伴。由於揚聲器是最後代任何系統發出它們的聲音,所以打造真正有能力的系統時所需的工藝和要求都很高。 


SX120 close-up
Perfect Reproduction

SX Series speakers all make use of mid bass drivers that are made from treated paper. This might not sound terribly high tech, but the impressive strength to weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality so instrumentation sounds clear, well defined and believable. Taking care of the higher frequencies is a soft dome tweeter made from treated silk that offers the same balance of realism and refinement. 

SX70 close-up
Many Drivers, One Voice

Great care and attention has gone into the design of the crossovers in SX Series. As they are entirely responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency, we have worked hard to deliver this requirement as efficiently as possible. Timing and stereo imaging are accurate because the phase remains completely linear from top to bottom.

SX70 close-up

SX 系列揚聲器均具有簡潔低調的外觀,可讓它們坐立在各種空間中工作。無論您是想要一對獨立的書架式揚聲器還是用於家庭影院內的 7.1 影音系統,SX 系列都可以根據您的風格進行選擇。