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A Beginners Guide to Hi-Fi Speakers – Which Should I Choose?

So you’ve picked out your hi-fi separates and built yourself an amazing new system, the last piece of the puzzle is the pair of speakers you’ll be hearing the music through. There are a few different options out there, so we’re going to look at the different types of hi-fi speaker you might come across and what they’ll provide for your system.


Bookshelf Speakers

As you can probably tell by their name, bookshelf speakers are small in size so they can squeeze into small gaps around the home. They’re ideal if you don’t have masses of space for bigger speakers but still want amazing sound. Generally speaking bookshelf speakers don’t offer too much on the lower end, so you may need to pair them with a good subwoofer for improved bass performance.

Beginner guide to speakers Cambridge Audio

Standmount Speakers

Some bookshelf speakers are larger in size and can be placed on speaker stands, hence their name standmount speakers. These as mentioned tend to be bigger versions of bookshelf speakers and offer up a more complete and larger sound for your money.


Floorstanding Speakers

Also known as ‘tower speakers’, floorstanding speakers are full height speakers designed to be placed directly on the floor of your room. They offer up huge sound, delivering audio with superb clarity whilst also delivering low end sounds. And let’s face it… they just look really cool too!

Speaker placement Cambridge Audio

Don’t go rushing in and buy the first pair of floor standers you set your eyes on though, there are a few things to think about before you but a pair. Room size is going to be a large factor in your choice. Small speakers aren’t going to sound great in a huge room, with the same going for massive speakers in a tiny room. They’ll sound overbearing and fail to deliver what they’re capable of.


Another factor that needs to be carefully considered is the room placement of your speakers. For best to keep them level with your ear from where you’ll be listening the most. In terms of where you should place your speakers in a room, there really isn’t a hard and fast rule as like we’ve mentioned, room size and also room acoustics can come into play here. Generally you’ll want to try and place them slightly forward from any walls and also avoid placing them in corners, as this will hinder the bass performance. There are plenty of guides you can find online for positioning speakers but we recommend playing around with the placement and finding out what sounds best to you.


Whether you’re a hi-fi aficionado or a complete beginner, we’re always at hand to answer any questions and give you our advice. Leave a message in the comments section below!