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What Hi-Fi? Awards 2016 Winner: The 851N

Connectivity and Compatibility

Whichever way you prefer to play your digital audio files, the 851N can do so whilst delivering them at the highest standard. For wireless playback there’s Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay, internet radio, NAS Drive and UPnP compatibility. Other digital components can be connected via optical, co-axial and asynchronous USB Audio inputs. It willalso handle formats from low quality MP3s to FLAC/Apple Lossless, WAV 16-24 bit master files and other hi-res file types. Pretty much any file or source you want.


Digital Pre-Amp Capabilities

As well as an award winning network player, the 851N works effortlessly as a digital pre-amp that can be connected to integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers or even directly to active speakers for a minimalist set up. The 851N will hold onto the digital signal to the very last moment to avoid as much analogue deterioration as possible.


Audiophile Grade Components and Technology

Every single component and technology in the 851N has been specially selected for its audio performance, bringing into play our many years of hi-fi expertise. Our ATF Upsampling technology upsamples audio up to 24-bit 384kHz whilst reducing digital jitter, this means you hear every last drop of detail in every track. The audio then then goes through Twin Analog Devices DACs which are implemented in a dual differential configuration so each channel has its own DAC for uncanny stereo imaging. Combining these with the functionality of our custom built StreamMagic platform gives the 851N unrivalled performance in usability and  sound quality.

If you want to check out the full details on the 851N you can see the tech specs on the product page here. For more information on our ATF Audio Upsampling technology you can check out the video below.