Bafles Oviedo S.A. is a company located in Heredia- Costa Rica that began its commercial operations in 1965, and are pioneers in the manufacture of baffles or acoustic boxes for residential and commercial use.


We are also dedicated to the sale and installation of Sound Systems for automobiles, as well as Audio and Video Systems for residential, commercial and professional use.  We the Costa Rican representatives of several European and American brands, which has allowed us to meet the needs of our customers with innovative products according to any budget and with high standards of quality.


We also have our Acoustics and Sound division, which specializes in engineering solutions both in design and inspection of works, as well as installation and technical support for all our products


Bafles - Costa Rica

Bafles Oviedo S.A.
Acustica y Sonido S.A.
P.O. Box 196-3000
Heredia Heredia
Costa Rica